Breeze Airways Fayetteville Office

Northwest Arkansas National Airport, 1 Airport Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

Monday-Sunday : 24 Hours


The Breeze Airways Fayetteville Office, USA has a team of expertly trained professionals who are equipped to help travelers with their flight reservations, booking cancellations, rescheduling tickets and also assist them with availing other flight-related services & amenities – additional baggage allowance, inflight wi-fi, seat selection, airport transfers, special assistance services, etc. – offered at the Breeze Airways Fayetteville Office, Breeze Airways offers regularly scheduled flights to 34 domestic destinations within the United States of America.

Mentioned below are all the relevant contact details for Breeze Airways Fayetteville Office.

Breeze Airways Fayetteville Office Address:

Northwest Arkansas National Airport, 1 Airport Blvd, Bentonville, AR 72712, United States

Listed below are services & amenities that travelers/passengers can avail of at the Breeze Airways Fayetteville office.

  •  Flight Ticket Booking/Cancellation/Rescheduling 
  • Ok to Board 
  • Visa Services 
  • Online Check-in,  
  • Baggage Allowance 
  • Duty-Free Allowance 
  • Flight Information 
  • In-Flight Meals / Entertainment 
  • Airport Transfers 
  • Missing Luggage 
  • Immigration Services 
  • Valet Parking 
  • Meet and Greet 
  • Airport Lounges 
  • Special Assistance Services 
  • Airport / In-Flight Wi-Fi 
  • Airport Facilities 
  • Delayed Flights 
  • Visa on Arrival 
  • Seat Class & Fare  Enquiries 
  • Visa Information 

Summarized below are some key services/amenities offered by Breeze Airways.

Breeze Airways Baggage Service

On Breeze Airways, the fare type determines the amount of carry-on and/or checked baggage allowance permitted for every passenger.  The fare types and free baggage allowances for each are as follows:

  • Nice: Only 1 personal item is permitted per passenger; personal items such as purse/briefcase / small backpack/laptop bag; and the item must not exceed the dimensions of 17x13x8 inches.
  • Nicer: Each passenger is allowed to bring 1 personal item (of linear dimensions ≤ 38 inches [17x13x8 inches]), 1 carry-on/cabin baggage (of linear dimensions ≤ 48 inches [24x14x10 inches] and must not weigh more than 35 lbs.) and 1 checked baggage ( of linear dimensions ≤ 62 inches and not weighing over 50 lbs.).
  • Nicest: This tier of ticket type permits each passenger to carry 1 personal item(linear dimensions ≤ 38 inches [17x13x8 inches]), 1 carry-on/cabin baggage(linear dimensions ≤ 48 inches [24x14x10 inches] and must not weigh more than 35 lbs.) and 2 checked baggage(linear dimensions ≤ 62 inches and not weighing over 50 lbs.).

To review Breeze Airways Baggage Policy please refer to –—id–EvTT15-VRZWup0Ivwy_VhA .

Breeze Airways Pet Travel Service

Travelers who wish to fly with their cat/dog would be happy to know that Breeze Airways allows passengers to travel with their pet(s) / animal companion(s). It’s a chargeable service, a cost of $75 is payable per way for each pet.  As the service is “first come, first serve”, bookings are subject to availability. For details refer to –—id–qM_XO2oTRkaFa3JII8uRuQ.

Breeze Airways Cancellation Service

It is imperative to know that tickets issued by 3rd party travel sites/travel agencies/travel agents will not be entertained at the Breeze Airways Office; only people with ticket(s) directly issued by the airline can request for cancellation and/or file a refund claims at this office. All cancellations and refunds are subject to the fare rules defined by Breeze Airways Cancellation Policy.

Breeze Airways Check-in

Travelers flying with Breeze Airways can use the “online check-in” feature available to them via the Breeze Airways mobile app and Breeze Airways website; travelers can use online check-in from 24 hours up to 45 minutes before their flight is set to depart. Alternatively, passengers check-in, in person at the Breeze Airways airport counter; passengers must ensure to arrive at least 2 hours prior to the departure of their intended flight and clear all mandatory security checks, and then proceed to the Breeze Airways check-in desk.

Breeze Airways Special Assistance

Quadriplegic/paraplegic and other differently-abled passengers or passengers with other medical conditions / special needs can avail themselves of special assistance services offered by Breeze Airways; special assistance services include, but are not limited to, mobility assistance, inflight medical assistance, special care of elderly travelers / unaccompanied minors. Travelers/passengers can refer to the airline’s website for a comprehensive listing of all the available special assistance services offered by Breeze Airways.

Breeze Airways Fleet

The aircraft that make up the Breeze Airways fleet are listed below:

  • Airbus A220 – 300
  • Embraer E190
  • Embraer E195

List of Breeze Airways Office

Breeze Airways Billing & Receipts

Customers receive an automated invoice sent to their email address on every ticket/service/amenity purchased, for a physical copy of an invoice a request can be made with the personnel at the Breeze Airways Fayetteville Office.

This page offers readers information that they may use at their discretion to contact (visit or call) the Breeze Airways  Fayetteville Office and/or it may act as a reference guide to plan or prepare for future/upcoming flights with Breeze Airways.

Breeze Airways Other Locations

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