Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services

Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services

Passengers who are incapable to make movement independently seek Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services. The airline is a well-known player in the aviation sector and is offering one of the best services to passengers traveling with a disability. Emirates wants all of its passengers’ trips to be pleasurable and secure while eliminating their physical states.

The airline appreciates how important it is to assist passengers with special requirements or restricted mobility. The airline’s commitment to providing special assistance with an emphasis on wheelchair support will be examined in this piece. We’ll also provide you with significant details on how to add wheelchair assistance to Emirates Airlines. Come learn about wonderful Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services with us in layman’s terms.

Why is Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services regarded as a champ against other amenities and services?

Emirates Airlines is renowned for its commitment to exceptional customer service and is considered a champion among airline amenities and services, especially in terms of Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services. With a comprehensive range of services designed to cater to the diverse needs of passengers, Emirates goes above and beyond to ensure a comfortable and inclusive travel experience for everyone. 

  • Emirates Airlines is dedicated to ensuring accessibility for passengers with disabilities. From wheelchair assistance to accessible lavatories and dedicated seating options, Emirates takes great care in accommodating the needs of all passengers.
  • The wheelchairs are designed to fit through the cabin aisles and facilitate movement. The airline offers trained guides to assist visually impaired passengers with tasks including boarding the plane, navigating the airport, and reading information. 
  • Emirates Airlines takes pride in its highly trained and dedicated staff. The airline’s staff undergoes rigorous training to provide personalized and attentive assistance to passengers throughout their journey, ensuring their comfort and satisfaction with Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services.
  • Emirates Airlines offers special services such as priority boarding, bassinets, and assistance with strollers to alleviate the stress of traveling with infants. 
  • Passengers with medical conditions receive special attention from Emirates Airlines. From providing onboard medical oxygen to arranging for stretcher services, the airline ensures that passengers’ medical needs are met, allowing them to travel with confidence.


Passengers must adhere to strict qualifying requirements in order to be eligible for special assistance services offered by Emirates Airlines. This might include providing pertinent medical documents or evidence of an impairment. Before booking a flight with Emirates Airlines, be sure you are informed of the exact requirements for each type of help.

Emirates collaborates with medical experts and groups that support people with disabilities in order to improve and diversify its product offering. If you need Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services, get in touch with the airline in advance and provide the necessary documentation:

  • Passengers are required to provide all required travel documentation, including a current passport, valid visa, and any required identification cards. 
  • Medical certificates need to be submitted by passengers to justify the level of medical support they require.
  • The health, vaccines, and training of any assistance animals must be verified by the passengers who are traveling with them.
  • Under the Emirates Airlines Special Assistance guidelines, if a passenger needs medical equipment, they must obtain a prescription or a note from their doctor describing the situation. 
  • A prescribed letter from an approved medical center must be presented as proof of the passengers’ condition and kind of disability.

Types of Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services

Pregnant women, people with disabilities, senior citizens, unaccompanied kids, people who are blind, and people who have hearing impairments may all travel smoothly and with higher levels of safety thanks to Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services. The airline’s dedicated staff will provide the greatest help for check-in, boarding, and in-flight issues, giving passengers peace of mind.

The knowledgeable crew members will help travelers access toilets and vital alerts, adjust armrests, and give seats with more legroom. It is recommended to treasure the wall in order to comprehend the diverse range of services offered by Emirates Airlines:

  • Wheelchair
    • Pregnant women, persons with physical disabilities, senior citizens, unaccompanied minors, vision impaired, and deaf travelers can rely on Emirates Airlines Wheelchair Assistance services. 
    • The airline’s wheelchair service provides assistance to travelers who have problems walking over long distances or navigating airports. 
    • Trained service members are available to assist passengers with boarding, disembarking, and navigating terminals to ensure that they have a comfortable and hassle-free flight journey.
    • Passengers are required to present supporting paperwork, such as a medical certificate and record, as confirmation of their disability.
  • Medical Assistance
    • Emirates Airlines is conscious of the unique needs of passengers with medical conditions and offers extra assistance to make their journeys as comfortable as possible. 
    • If a passenger requires medical assistance, they must notify the airline in advance and provide details about their illness and any pertinent documentation. This provides the airline with the chance to make the appropriate arrangements.
    • Emirates Airlines Special Assistance services include onboard medical oxygen, support for passengers on stretchers, and assistance for those with specific medical equipment requirements.
  • Unaccompanied Minors
    • Emirates Airlines recognizes the concerns of parents and guardians traveling with unaccompanied minors. 
    • With a dedicated program that includes supervised assistance and special attention, parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are in safe hands.
    • Emirates Airlines Special Assistance services offer unaccompanied minors meals and help them to complete the necessary steps such as check-in, security screening, baggage checking, finding seats, and ensuring the major verification process.
    • Mobility aid is provided to unaccompanied minors at airports in order to present a convenient approach. 
  • Assistance to Visual or Hearing Impairments
    • Emirates Airlines recognizes the unique needs of passengers with visual or hearing impairments. They offer specialized services to assist such individuals during their travel. 
    • Emirates Airlines Special Assistance services include priority boarding, personalized guidance within the airport, and communication support onboard the aircraft. 
    • Emirates Airlines recognizes the importance of effective communication for vision and hearing-impaired passengers and provides appropriate assistance to them. 
    • The airline’s effective communication provides safety instructions during the flight. Officials are trained to accommodate any additional requirements for effective communication.
  • Furry Friends Assistance
    • For many travelers, pets are an integral part of their families, so the airline provides specialized services for passengers traveling with pets. 
    • The airline provides pet travel containers to ensure the comfort and safety of pets during the journey.
    • Emirates ensures that furry friends have a stress-free journey from comfortable travel crates to guidance on pet documentation. 
    • With Emirates Airlines Special Assistance services, passengers can enjoy the company of their beloved pets throughout their travel experience.
  • Autism and Cognitive Disability Assistance
    • Passengers with special needs can provide the airline with the necessary documentation, such as dietary restrictions, autism, and cognitive impairments.
    • Given that crew members are taught to provide individualized instruction, passengers can feel supported and cared for during their cruise. By providing diverse culinary choices, we aim to ensure a pleasant dining experience for all passengers.
    • To ensure a seamless experience, it is recommended to notify Emirates Airlines of your mobility requirements at the time of booking or at least 48 hours before your flight.
  • Pregnant Assistance
    • Emirates Airlines is known for its dedication to offering superior special assistance services, such as wheelchair assistance and tailored attention for pregnant travelers.
    • The airline analyzes etiquette and encourages good communication skills in order to eliminate pregnant passenger mobility restrictions or health concerns.
    • Emirates Airlines offers dedicated support for pregnant passengers, including priority boarding, assistance during transfers, and provision of safety instructions in accessible formats.
  • Fragile, Expensive, Sports Equipment Assistance
    • Passengers who need to transfer fragile or expensive things have unique challenges. The airline understands how crucial it is to treat people, their pet companions, and delicate items with the utmost care.
    • Emirates Airlines Special Assistance services consist of packaging, secure handling, and appropriate storage throughout the flight to ensure that the valuables of its passengers are delivered safely and securely.
    • Emirates Airlines has guidelines in place for transporting sports equipment. Passengers can carry golf clubs, bicycles, or other sports gear while following the airline’s regulations that ensure safe handling and transportation. 
    • Special arrangements can also be made for fragile or oversized items. The airline may charge a specific amount as Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Fees considering the value and types of items. 
  • Seniors Passenger Assistance
    • Emirates Airlines acknowledges Seniors passengers and provides special assistance tailored to their needs during their air travels. 
    • A crew member assists with check-in procedures, baggage handling, and boarding, ensuring a smooth and comfortable experience for older travelers.
    • The airline offers spacious seating options and flexibility to accommodate passengers who require extra legroom, armrest adjustments, or seating near the lavatories.

Time Restrictions for Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services

Emirates Airlines offers support for passengers who rely on special assistance services for mobility, ensuring they can navigate the airport terminals and aircraft comfortably. Passengers should book Emirates Airlines Special Assistance at least 48 hours before their scheduled departure time or at the time of reservation.

This advance notice allows the airline to make the necessary arrangements and ensure that staff and equipment are available to provide the required assistance. Some exceptions may be made for passengers with sudden or unexpected mobility needs, however, it solely depends on the availability of services. 

Pre-boarding and Boarding Time Restrictions

Passengers who seek Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services must make all preparations within the time-frame indicated. The airline provides the convenience of pre-boarding, and in order to take advantage of it, passengers must be at the gate at least 45 minutes before the planned departure time. This allows passengers with disabilities to board the flight efficiently and promptly. 

Methods to gain Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services

Emirates Airlines believes each passenger is unique and deserves personalized support and assistance. The airline is committed to going above the stars to make air travel accessible, convenient, and enjoyable for all regardless of physical appearance and disabilities.

Emirates Airlines collaborates with a number of organizations and partners to strengthen its special assistance services. Now that we’ve delved into the many sorts of service assistance, we’ll address your worry about how to book special assistance with Emirates Airlines. Passengers can avail the special assistance services through online and offline channels. 


Emirates Airlines provides personalized assistance to passengers who require assistance moving about the airport or aboard the flight, eliminating mobility issues. Wheelchairs and other special assistance services are designed to let passengers move more freely between the aisles. Passengers must go to the official website of emirates airlines and the mobile app to book a service and complete the login procedure using their user credentials. The next stages are as follows:


  • Navigate to the “Manage My Booking” section.
  • Enter the booking reference number with the passenger’s last name.
  • Select the desired reservation from the drop-down.
  • Look for the “Special Assistance” option.
  • Choose the type of assistance service from the available options.
  • Provide passenger details, date of departure, reason for special assistance, and other required information.
  • Review the input and confirm Emirates Airlines Special Assistance request by paying the applicable charges.
  • In the end, passengers will secure their booking credentials on their registered email ID and phone number.


To reserve Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Service via the offline method, the passenger needs to speak with dedicated special support personnel. The representatives are prepared to manage your specific needs and help you with the reservation process. They will assist you in selecting the finest services and provide you with whatever information you want based on your needs.

When requesting special accommodations through Emirates Airlines, accurate information must be given in order to deliver personalized service. The offline channels consist of a dedicated customer service number, ticketing sales office, airport counter, email, or authorized channels.


  • Connect with the representative and ask them to book Emirates Airlines Special Assistance on your behalf.
  • Share accurate and detailed information on the passenger’s name, contact information, flight number, date of journey, types of special assistance service, and other additional required fields.
  • The representative will submit the Emirates Airlines Special Assistance request on your behalf once the passenger made the required payment.
  • You or your co-passenger will receive booking credentials with confirmation tickets on your registered IDs. 

Execute the following steps and acquire your desired service for a smooth and comfortable journey. The airline goes above and above to assure a wonderful journey, with classic entertainment systems, comfortable seats, and mouthwatering food selections. So what are you waiting for, communicate with the team and desired output at your comfort. 

In the same manner, you can add a wheelchair to your existing booking. The above methods will solve your concern about how to add wheelchair assistance in Emirates Airlines and get you a comfortable journey. If you require a wheelchair or mobility aid during your journey, Emirates Airlines has policies and guidelines in place to ensure a smooth experience. Passengers are required to inform the airline in advance about the type and specifications of their electric wheelchairs to ensure compliance with safety regulations.

Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Fees

Emirates Airlines levies an additional fee to improve the comfort and safety of passengers throughout the flight. Wheelchairs and specialized support services are free of charge for passengers with special needs or restricted mobility. The airline will charge Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Fees if the passengers are flying with pets for emotional and physical support.

Most special assistance services offered by the airline are free of charge. However, the airline may charge extra for some services, such as providing portable oxygen and other medicinal support. The Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Fees will depend on a number of variables. For some services, the airline charges up to USD 500 as special assistance fees.

Wind Up
Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services have rightfully earned the airline a reputation as a champion among amenities and services. Whether it’s wheelchair support, personalized care for passengers with disabilities, or assistance for families with infants. The airline collaborates with medical professionals to serve passengers with disabilities better and with special assistance. By offering a diverse range of services, Emirates ensures that air travel is accessible, convenient, and comfortable for everyone.

The airline continues to evolve and expand, passengers can expect even more groundbreaking services to enhance the comfort of disabled passengers. Pregnant women, handicapped passengers, the elderly, and unaccompanied minors may all travel with ease owing to Emirates Airlines Special Assistance Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Ethiopian Airlines booking offline if I originally booked online?

Yes. You can cancel your Ethiopian Airlines booking offline by reaching out to their customer support or visiting a ticket office.

What happens if Ethiopian Airlines cancels my flight?

If Ethiopian Airlines cancels your flight, you may be eligible for a full refund or alternative travel arrangements, depending on the circumstances.

How long does it take to receive a refund from Ethiopian Airlines?

The timeframe for receiving a refund from Ethiopian Airlines may vary based on factors such as the original payment method and your bank’s processing time.

Can I reschedule my Ethiopian Airlines flight instead of canceling it?

Yes. Ethiopian Airlines allows passengers to reschedule their flights. However, rescheduling may involve change fees, depending on the ticket type and timing of the request. To know more, spend some time on Ethiopian Airlines Flight Change Policy.

Can I cancel my Ethiopian Airlines booking at any time?

Yes. You can cancel your Ethiopian Airlines booking at any time. However, cancellation fees may apply depending on the fare type and timing.

How can I cancel my Ethiopian Airlines flight that I purchased through a third-party website?

Simply log in to your Ethiopian Airlines account or set up a new one (if you haven’t got one) and navigate to the manage my booking domain, then follow the on-screen prompts to cancel your scheduled flight. If you have any questions or face any challenges, please call the representative at the number provided.

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