How to Cancel WestJet Flights?

WestJet Airlines Cancellation Policy

WestJet Airlines is a renowned carrier that has a well-defined cancellation policy that caters to the needs of its passengers. Be with us and in this blog, we will dive inside to explore the ins and outs of WestJet Airlines Cancellation Policy which will assist passengers in preventing unpleasant surprises. Plan their travels with confidence, knowing their options if passengers need to change or cancel their flight.

Clauses of WestJet Cancellation Policy 

Before passengers embark on their journey, it’s essential to familiarize themselves with the WestJet Airlines cancellation policy. Knowing the guidelines and procedures can save passengers from unnecessary stress and potential financial losses. Let’s explore the key aspects of their policy:

  • Passengers will not be eligible for credit or a refund if passengers request a cancellation fewer than four hours before their flight.
  • Before the free cancellation time expires, passengers might be able to cancel their future flights to get a full refund. 
  • Passengers will receive a refund for tickets that are qualified in accordance with the WestJet Airlines Cancellation Policy.
  • To be eligible for the credit voucher, passengers must cancel their Basic Economy flight at least 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of the trip. 
  • In certain circumstances, Premium-class ticket holders who cancel within the stated period will receive a full refund. 
  • Bookings made outside the official channels will not be entertained by the airline by any means. However, if the cancellation resulted due to WestJet’s operational failures, the passenger may gain a refund.

24-hour or Free Cancellation Provision

WestJet Airlines has a no-fee cancellation policy and offers travel vouchers without charging any additional costs. The airline is aware that plans might occasionally change without warning and that passengers may need to request cancellation. 

  • WestJet Airlines 24 hours cancellation policy applies to all eligible booking categories, including non-refundable and basic fare levels. 
  • Surcharges may apply if a passenger cancels their reservation after the 24-hour window has passed, depending on the fare category and routes.
  • The flight must depart at least one week from the cancellation date to be eligible for a full refund. 
  • Tickets purchased in excess of the allowable channels are not eligible for free cancellation. 

The airline promotes a free cancellation option for passengers, allowing them to book a ticket with confidence and cancel it the same day as their reservation. A full refund is initiated owing to events within its control, the airline initiated the cancellation.

WestJet Airlines Cancellation Fees

WestJet Airlines is a well-known airline recognized for its excellent service and extensive route network. The airline offers various fare types, each with its own set of rules and associated cancellation penalties. It is essential to become familiar with their charges and rules in order to avoid any unexpected expenses. Let’s take a closer look at the most significant aspects of the WestJet Airlines cancellation fees:

  • WestJet Airlines will allow free cancellation on all valid bookings if the refund is initiated within 24 hours of booking and the departure date is at least a week away from the reservation date.
  • Passengers holding EconoFlex Fares do not need to bear cancellation expenses, however, they will gain travel credit instead of cash refunds.
  • No cancellation charges will be imposed on passengers’ accounts with PremiumFlex and BusinessFlex Fares on most routes.
  • For cancellations that are registered 25 days or more before scheduled departure are subject to 250 CAD per segment as WestJet Cancellation Fees.

Cancellations fees will be calculated after determining routes, date of reservation, type of fare, and membership status. Continue to have a clear grasp of WestJet Cancellation Penalties based on your fare types.

  • Bookings made on or after September 1, 2022
RoutesEconoFareEconoFlex FarePremiumFareBusiness Fare
Within Canada100 CAD to 118 CAD plus other taxesNil100 CAD to 118 CAD plus other taxes100 CAD to 118 CAD plus other taxes
between Canada and all destinations except Europe & Asia100 CAD to 118 CAD plus other taxesNil100 CAD to 118 CAD plus other taxes100 CAD to 118 CAD plus other taxes
between Canada and Europe150 CAD to 177 CADNil300 CAD to 354 CAD
600 CAD to 708 CAD
between Canada and Asia150 CAD to 177 CADNil300 CAD to 354 CAD
600 CAD to 708 CAD

A simple yet effective way to mitigate hefty cancellation penalties

  • Whenever possible, plan your trips carefully to reduce the likelihood of cancellations. Double-check your schedule, accommodation, and other necessary arrangements before booking your flights.
  • Investing in travel insurance can provide additional protection in case of unforeseen circumstances that lead to trip cancellations. 

WestJet Airlines Refund Policy

When it comes to air travel, uncertainties can often arise. From unexpected schedule changes to personal emergencies, unforeseen circumstances can disrupt your travel plans. In such situations, the WestJet Refund Policy acts as a shield to ensure peace of mind and financial protection.

  • Refunds are made for tickets that are fully refundable within 15 to 25 business days. WestJet Airlines makes every effort to process refunds quickly, the actual turnaround time may vary depending on various factors such as fare type, mode of request, and flight route. 
  • After the risk-free period, cancellations will be charged in accordance with the terms of the tariff. However, most fare types are subject to refund requests up to two hours prior to departure.
  • As per the WestJet Airlines Refund Policy, non-refundable holders will get compensation once the necessary verification has been done and may be eligible for a full refund of their ticket when an airline cancels a flight due to unforeseen circumstances. 
  • Travel insurance is a precious instrument that may provide coverage and protection in the event of unforeseen occurrences for the non-refundable.
  • WestJet Airlines implemented flight cancellations due to management and operational issues allowing passengers to get a full refund via travel credit or cash.
  • The circumstances in which a passenger is forcibly refused boarding due to overbooking or air traffic will qualify for a refund regardless of fare type. 
  • No refund or travel credit will be issued if you fail to cancel your flight or provide notice of your absence before the scheduled departure, your entire reservation will be forfeited. 
  • In case of a passenger’s medical condition that prevents them from traveling, the airline may consider a refund request with proper documentation.

Cancellation Methods Available for WestJet flights

Are you facing the daunting task of canceling your flights or looking to get a solution on how to cancel WestJet flights? Don’t worry; here, we will walk you through the process of canceling your flights using both online and offline methods. Whether you’re a tech-savvy traveler or prefer more traditional approaches, we have the solution for you. So, let’s dive in and discover the best ways to cancel WestJet flights quite effortlessly. Before considering cancellation procedures make sure you have your booking details readily available.

Online Cancellation

Canceling WestJet flights online saves you both time and money. It is a technical advancement that allows you to get a refund on an undesirable trip without requiring you to leave the comfort of your home. You may begin the cancellation process without making any phone calls or visiting any physical locations. Here’s a step-by-step guide to canceling your WestJet flights online:

  • To begin the cancellation process, visit the official WestJet website or mobile app. 
  • Log in using your credentials such as username and password. 
  • Navigate to the “Manage Trips” section, where you can find your upcoming flights. 
  • Enter your reservation details, such as the confirmation number or e-ticket number, and click on the appropriate option to proceed.
  • Choose the specific flights or the entire reservation, depending on your needs.
  • After selecting the flights, you will be prompted to confirm the cancellation. 
  • Agree to all available clauses while reviewing the terms and conditions associated with the cancellation provision.
  • You may not need to pay cancellation penalties as it will auto-adjust with the refund value.
  • Once the cancellation process is complete, you will receive a confirmation email or notification with details of your canceled flights. 
  • Keep the tracking or confirmation ID for future reference and any potential refund inquiries.

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Offline Cancellation

If you prefer a more personal approach or encounter any issues canceling online, WestJet also offers offline methods for canceling your flights. One of the easiest ways to cancel your flights offline is by reaching out to their dedicated customer service team. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Dial the WestJet customer service number or visit the nearest ticketing center.
  • Speak with a representative and inform the customer service representative about your flight details, including reservation code, departure date, fare category, and destination.
  • Request them to proceed with cancellation on your behalf and provide a reason if necessary.
  • Implement the representative’s instructions and provide any additional information they may require.
  • Once the cancellation process is complete, ask for confirmation of the cancellation and any refund details if applicable.
  • Note down any reference numbers or confirmation details provided by the representative.
    • The refund eligibility depends on several factors, such as the fare type, ticket conditions, and the timing of your cancellation. 

Wind Up

WestJet Airlines Cancellation policy prioritizes passenger satisfaction and provides flexible options to save their refund value from unexpected expenses. With the eligibility criteria, refundable and non-refundable fares, refund process, and available refund methods, passengers can navigate the refund process with ease and confidence. The airline does allow the amount of time to manufacture refund requests, however, once the flight departs full booking will be considered as no-show charges. Be familiar with the terms covered in this blog since they will enable you to be knowledgeable and prepared so that you can approach your flight cancellations with confidence. At last, getting to the departure airport early can help you avoid delays and allow you plenty of time to complete the cancellation process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I transfer my refund to another passenger?

Refunds are issued in the original passenger’s name and are non-transferable. You will gain a refund only if you schedule your journey from valid channels.

How can I cancel my WestJet Airlines flight?

You can cancel your scheduled flight by contacting their customer service or through their official website. The specific cancellation procedure will depend on your initial booking mode.

Can I cancel my flight online with WestJet Airlines?

Yes. The airline provides an online platform where you can easily cancel your flight. Simply log in to your account on their official website, access your booking, and follow the instructions to initiate the cancellation process.

What happens if my flight is canceled by WestJet Airlines?

In the event that WestJet Airlines cancel your flight due to operational difficulties or other unforeseen events
They will rebook you at no additional cost on the next flight to your destination.
Provide you the choice of receiving a refund for the cost of your ticket in cash or travel credit.

How long does it take to receive a refund from WestJet?

Although WestJet Airlines strives to administer refunds decisively, it’s best to leave enough time for the procedure to be completed. The airline typically needs three business weeks to process the refund in the original form of payment.

Can I get a refund from WestJet Airlines if I cancel my flight on the departure date?

Non-refundable tickets may only offer a credit toward future travel with WestJet Airlines, whereas refundable tickets permit a full or partial refund.

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