How Do I Get My Air Canada Boarding Pass?

How Do I Get My Air Canada Boarding Pass

Passengers often ask, How Do I Get My Air Canada Boarding Pass? Well, Air Canada has a range of options available to check-in for a flight. You can either choose the offline method or the online method depending on your preference. In this post information regarding Air Canada’s Boarding pass will be shared.

Offline Check-In

If you’re flying by Air Canada and you choose the offline method to board. Then you will need a printed Boarding pass to proceed during security check. It is necessary to keep the Boarding pass handy for verification purpose at the airport.

Online Check-In

And if you opt for the Online check-in method, you won’t need any hard copy of the pass. You just have to follow the instructions by adding Air Canada’s Boarding pass in the wallet. You will be required to show the online pass at security check for verification purpose. Air Canada allows you to web check in at least 24 hours prior to your departure.

Air Canada’s Electronic Boarding Pass

With Air Canada you can check-in for a flight paper free. All you need to do is share your Email or phone number. And your Electronic Boarding Pass (EBP) will be sent to you either by mail or on your phone. You can also access the Electronic Boarding Pass via Air Canada’s app. The Electronic Boarding Pass is a bar code that contains all your flight details.

Air Canada’s Electronic Boarding Pass

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In this post details regarding How do I get my Air Canada boarding pass? Were shared. With Air Canada check-in gets very easy and comfy. You can choose the online check-in method and you will be half way done from your home itself.

Only security checks and baggage Service will be left to do at the airport. This saves a lot of time, but remember timings for Boarding are pre decided so make sure to be on time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I receive my Boarding pass?

Depends on the airlines, if the airlines allow online check-in then you can access your boarding pass from the website itself. And the conventional way is to get a boarding pass at the airport.

Do I need to print my Boarding pass?

If you have opt for the offline method then yes, you will need to print your boarding pass. Also depends on the Airport’s requirements.

Can we download the Boarding pass?

Yes, you can get a access to your boarding pass at least 24 hours before your departure. You just need to follow the required steps.

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