How much is Turkish Airlines Business Class

Turkish Airlines Business Class

Turkish airlines is one of the top airlines preferred by frequent travellers , no doubt it has the best in-flight meals, comfy seats, and world-class service. Whilst Turkish airlines only offer two different classes: economy class and business class, let’s get you an in depth view about the Turkish airlines business class including,

About Turkish Airlines Business Class

A lot of advantages come with having a business class reservation with Turkish airlines, as it never misses out on an opportunity to give you the posh comfort, a taste of homemade Turkey food, and in-flight entertainment. The dining of Turkish airlines is one of the major reasons people love to fly with them. 

So keeping aside the food and in-flight entertainment, there are tons of other privileges included with the Turkish airlines Business class. One thing to note here is that there lies a vast difference between flying in domestic business class and flying in international business class, not that there is a compromise with comfort but the latter has quite a lot more offerings.

Airport facilities for the Turkish Airlines Business Class

Turkish airlines never misses an opportunity to impress its passengers, be it the at-airport services, in-flight services, or before departure services. The business class passengers always have access to lounges, easy check-ins, baggage allowance, etc. 

  • Lounge services

Turkish airlines ensures that its passengers are having a good time even if they arrive hours before the flight departure time. However, the business class passengers can also have access to other airport lounges that are linked with Star Alliance. Depending upon the airport you are flying from, Turkish airlines will make sure to arrange a lounge for passengers. 

  • Easy check-in services

While the economy class passengers need to wait in long check-in queues at the airport to get the security check-ins done, the business class passengers can avoid the hassle of the same. The business class passengers can directly walk in to the check-in desk, drop their bags, and get the security check-ins done on time with zero delays. 

  • Baggage allowance facility

One of the major benefits of travelling business class with Turkish airlines is that you are allowed to carry extra baggage. Business class passengers can take up to 32 kg with them whereas economy class passengers are only entitled to just 23 kgs. You can carry two cabin bags as well if the weight and size doesn’t exceed the 8kg criteria. 

Baggage allowance facility

At last, when you arrive at your final destination you can collect your bags fairly quicker than the passengers of economy as all the bags of business class passengers are tagged with a priority label. So, in order to save your time with a little more money, getting business class reservation is worth it. 

In-flight facilities for the Turkish Airlines business class

In-flight business class facilities are quite enjoyable when it comes to having a comfortable and stylish journey. In the business class seats you can have access to reading lamps, charging spots, and access to screen off your area. 

However, every aircraft has different features. So, for instance, if your aircraft type is a top model Boeing 787-9 dreamliner, you are more likely to have access to more desirable features. On the contrary if your aircraft type is a Boeing 777-300 model, it might be less desirable to you comparatively. 

Additional advantages of flying in business class

Other advantages of flying in business with Turkish Airlines gets you delicious food and comfort on a silver platter. Some of the additional advantages includes:

  • Enjoy the expensive in-flight amenity kits such as moisturisers, cosmetics, etc. You name it, they have it. 
  • Get access to headphones with noise cancellation features to have a little me time on the flight, perfect for watching a movie. 
  • Get easy access to one GB limited Wifi, to check your mails, messages and important notifications. 

How to create a Turkish airlines miles&smiles account to fly business class

Before you travel without knowing that you have the miles&smiles option that can help you get the business class ticket at a low price, wait a minute because now is a good time to introduce you to it. Let’s start with how to create a miles&smiles account.

  • Go to the official website of Turkish airlines and tap on “sign up”.
  • Fill the required details along with your name and credit card account.
  • Submit the form after making sure you are using the same name for miles&smiles. 
  • Click on submit and take note of your new membership, tap on next.
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer and click on “complete transfer”.

Now that you are done with creating a miles&smiles account, the points will reflect in your account within 24 hours. Now that you have the miles&smiles points, let’s see how you can book  your business class ticket. 

  • Login with your credentials and click on the “award ticket-buy a ticket with miles”.
  • Search for a flight whether you want to fly one way or a round trip.
  • If you are booking a one way ticket make sure you click on “cabin” to select your business class seat. 
  • Click on submit and search for the tickets available. 

Make sure you check for the award tickets available for the route and date you want to travel before transferring your points because if there are no award tickets available it would be a waste. 

How much is Turkish Airlines Business Class

The price for business class tickets is higher than the economy class but the exact amount of the tickets cannot be assumed as it completely depends on your arrival and departure destination, whether it’s an international flight or a domestic one, and other such factors.

The most convenient way to upgrade to business class is by using the miles&smiles as it allows you to earn points and miles.

For More : Click Here

At last

If you are travelling internationally then the business class seats are the best option, as it allows you to have that extra comfort. And as far as it is concerned with how much is Turkish airlines business class, must know that it depends upon the date and route of your travel plans. So, make sure you do a little research before directly jumping in to buy a business class ticket. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do we get lounge access with business class?

Yes, Turkish airlines grants lounge access for business class passengers. And if a Turkish airline lounge is not available at the airport it will make sure you have access to other lounges in the area.

What facilities do the business class include?

Some facilities that the business class passengers get are priority check-ins, flat seats with enough leg room to relax, world-class food and comforts like access to limited wifi. 

What are the best seats in business class?

The seats depend upon the aircraft type you are flying in. However, if you want to gaze out of the aircraft, selecting a window seat can be preferable.

How much does a business class cost?

The price of a business class ticket clearly depends upon the route and distance you gotta cover. So, based upon that you get your overall airfare. However, using the miles&smiles can get you the cheapest deals possible.

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