How to cancel Spirit Flights?

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy

Everyone searches for how to cancel Spirit flights but fails to adhere to the cancellation clauses, which would help them save money on cancellation fees. Spirit Airlines has a fair cancellation and refund policy that will serve you well if you need to cancel your trip due to unforeseen circumstances. In this blog, we will explain the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy in layman’s words, which will clear up any confusion about perplexing elements.

Discover different elements of the Spirit Cancellation Policy

When booking a flight with Spirit Airlines, it’s essential to be aware of the airline’s cancellation policy. The Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy outlines the terms and conditions related to canceling a scheduled reservation. Consider comprehending the subsequent cancellation provisions to ensure a seamless cancellation procedure.

  • Cancellation requested within the risk-free period will welcome a full refund for flights that are departing seven or more days from the reservation date.
  • In unfortunate situations where you need to cancel your trip due to a medical emergency, Spirit Airlines will require appropriate documentation to process refunds.
  • The Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy allows passengers to cancel their journey till the date of departure by cancellation charges based on their cabin class and destination.
  • Spirit Airlines offers flexible fare holders to cancel their journey by paying a minimal charge.  
  • The airline will waive cancellation charges if the cancellation is resulted due to operational failures, as per the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy.
  • Spirit Airlines has procedures in place to address weather-related flight disruptions. The airline stresses customer safety and permits cancellations without imposing exorbitant costs.
  • Passengers will not qualify for a refund if the cancellation is requested through unauthorized channels or fails to cancel the ticket within the specified period.
  • The airline will charge full ticket fare as no-show fees on passengers’ accounts if they are failing to board the flight.
  • When canceling a reservation for a Spirit Airlines vacation package, there are extra factors to take into account, and there may be extra costs on top of the cancellation and service fees.
  • The Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy allows passengers to be entitled to either a refund or alternate arrangements without any additional charge if the airline cancels a flight.
  • Spirit Airlines has guidelines in place for group cancellations, and the refund process may differ from individual bookings. You may be able to avoid paying cancellation costs if you cancel your reservation within the risk-free period. 

Spirit Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Rules

The U.S. Department of Transportation mandates a 24-hour cancellation rule that allows passengers to cancel their reservations within 24 hours of booking without penalty. Spirit Airlines complies with this rule, providing passengers with the option to cancel within this timeframe if necessary. Under Spirit Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy, the passenger will get access to a full refund and peace of mind. 

Eligibility Criteria 

Refundable and non-refundable ticket holders are both eligible for a full refund if they cancel their flights on the same day of reservation and the departure date is still a week away. 

Full refund after the risk-free cancellation period

To avoid incurring cancellation fees, it’s advisable to plan your travel carefully and consider purchasing travel insurance. It will help passengers traveling with non-refundable tickets to save their booking value from cancellation charges.


  • The Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy states that 24-hour risk-free cancellation is only applicable if the booking is canceled through approved channels. 
  • Spirit Airlines 24 Hour Cancellation Policy does not apply to bookings that are made within six days of flight departure. 

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy

You can choose to rebook your ticket on a different day or time if you followed the guidelines in the Spirit Airlines refund policy. With the refund clause, the airline allows you to enjoy peace of mind and secure refund value from hefty cancellation charges. 

  • The majority of refundable tickets let travelers receive refunds without being penalized. However, the airline may charge you Spirit Airlines cancellation fees based on the fare level and destination.
  • Spirit Airlines provides refunds for cancellations made within 24 hours in addition to rebooking options for passengers who desire to adjust their travel plans. 
  • According to the Spirit Airlines Refund Policy, passengers are allowed to cancel their journey till the same day of departure. 
  • Passengers holding award tickets or those who have upgraded their seats may also be eligible for refunds after canceling their scheduled journey.
  • Spirit Airlines accommodates various payment methods, and the refund process may vary slightly depending on the method used for the original transaction.
  • Not all passengers are eligible for refunds. The Spirit Airlines Refund eligibility largely depends on the type of ticket purchased and the circumstances of the cancellation.
  • According to the Spirit Airlines Refund Policy, if your flight is canceled or delayed by the airline due to weather conditions, mechanical issues, or other unforeseen circumstances, different rules may apply to calculate the refund.
  • For passengers making voluntary changes to their travel plans, the refund process might differ based on the type of ticket purchased and the timing of the change.
  • The Spirit Airlines Refund Policy states that refunds can be issued either back to the original payment method or in the form of travel credits.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding Spirit Airlines’ refund policy or need assistance with your refund request, it’s recommended to contact their customer support. Their representatives can provide personalized guidance and support throughout the process.

Spirit Airlines Refund Policy on Eligible Bookings

One of the primary concerns when canceling a flight is the possibility of obtaining a refund. Spirit Airlines has specific refund eligibility criteria that determine whether you’re entitled to a refund or not. If eligible, the processing time for the refund may vary, but Spirit Airlines strives to process refunds as quickly as possible. Alternatively, instead of a refund, you may have the option to receive travel credits that can be used for future Spirit Airlines bookings.

Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fees

The type of ticket purchased plays a significant role in determining the cancellation fees. Spirit Airlines offers different ticket types, such as non-refundable and refundable tickets. Explore all the dynamics of Spirit Airlines Cancellation Fees to safeguard yourself from undiscovered charges.

  • All bookings qualify for full refunds if cancellation is requested 60 or more days before departure.
  • The passengers can get a full refund without paying Spirit Airlines cancellation fees if they succeed to complete the cancellation process within the same day of reservation.
  • Passengers with elite status in the loyalty program may enjoy certain benefits, including reduced cancellation fees or waivers. They may cancel their journey 
  • Spirit Airlines cancellation fees depend on how you cancel and how long in advance you cancel; if you cancel without authorization, you may be charged a fee.
  • For a round trip, the airline will charge you for canceling. You will have to pay for canceling each part of the trip, and you may also have to pay for service.
  • According to the Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy, the passenger making a cancellation request within six days from departure will need to pay USD 119.
  • Passengers will need USD 99 as Spirit Airlines cancellation fees if they are canceling their reservation between 7 and 30 days before departure.
  • The airline has lowered the cancellation fees for passengers who cancel their tickets between 31 and 59 days before departure to USD 69 since they realize that nobody wants to forego a getaway preferably.

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Cancellation Methods offered by Spirit flight

Applying the guidance in this section on how to cancel Spirit flights will make it simple for you to cancel your trip. With Spirits, canceling tickets is straightforward. A few of the online and physical channels the airline employs to provide Spirit Airlines Cancellation services are its website, mobile app, email, customer service number, airport counter, and ticketing center. Let’s take a closer look at each phase.

Through Website

  • Follow the steps for logging in as a user on the official website of Spirit Airlines.
  • In order to cancel your reservation, locate the “Manage Travel” domain when you arrive. 
  • Fill out your booking details as requested, then select the desired flight. 
  • Examine the cancellation process, related expenses, and criteria for obtaining credits or reimbursements.
  • At last check the refund details through confirmation mail on your registered IDs.

Through Mobile App

  • Launch the Spirit Airlines mobile app.
  • Complete the login procedure using username and password.
  • Access the “Manage Travel” feature.
  • Enter the reservation number and passenger’s last name to search for the desired trip.
  • Click on the Cancel tab while inputting the requested information. 
  • Attach all relevant documents such as your last name, confirmation code, and flight details.
  • Review the Spirit Airlines Cancellation fees and refund value.
  • Next, tap on the Continue tab to complete the cancellation procedure.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail on your IDs, keep it for future tracking.
Through Mobile App

Through Customer Service Number

  • Dial the customer service number and follow the prompts to reach a representative. 
  • Provide them with your booking details, including your confirmation number, and explain your reason for cancellation. 
  • The representative will guide you through the cancellation process and address any concerns you may have.
  • You may not require paying Spirit Airlines Cancellation fees as they will auto-adjust with the refund value.
  • In the end, you will get the confirmation mail on your registered number and mail address stating the refund value.

Through Airport Counter

  • Visit the Spirit Airlines counter at the airport of departure or any other airport where the airline operates. 
  • Speak with a representative and present your booking details such as confirmation code, date of journey, booking date, cancellation reason, and many more. 
  • The agent will assist you in canceling your flight and provide further instructions regarding refunds or rescheduling options.

Note: Instead of canceling your flight entirely, Spirit Airlines may offer the option to rebook or reschedule your travel. Determine if this is a viable alternative and if any additional fees or fare differences apply.

Wind Up

The Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy gives you the flexibility and peace of mind you need when planning your travel. It is essential to learn each aspect of cancellation guidelines for everyone who wants to fly with one of the leading Carrier Spirit Airlines. Passengers who have had their flights canceled or delayed may be entitled to compensation and assistance. Specific rights and compensation may change depending on a variety of factors. As a result, according to Spirit Airlines Cancellation Policy, it is important to learn about the associated terms and conditions of your ticket. If you require further information or assistance, please contact Spirit Airlines’ customer service through the displayed number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel my Spirit Airlines flight online?

Yes. By logging into your Spirit Airlines account, you may see your reservation and initiate the online cancellation process. It is a quick and practical approach to cancel flight reservations without incurring service fees.

What are the cancellation fees for Spirit Airlines?

The cancellation fees for Spirit Airlines vary depending on several factors, including the fare type, time of cancellation, and the length of the flight. You may need to pay 30 to 60% of airfare as  Spirit Airlines cancellation fees.

How long does it take to receive a refund from Spirit Airlines?

Refund processing times for Spirit Airlines are subject to change. The airline will process and credit the refund to the original payment method in four to six business weeks.

Can I cancel my Spirit Airlines flight without incurring fees?

Making changes to your flight often incurs Spirit Airlines cancellation fees which can vary based on the fare type and other circumstances. However, if you have purchased a ticket that qualifies for a 24-hour free cancellation window, you may cancel the flight without incurring additional charges.

Does Spirit Airlines offer refunds or travel credits for canceled flights?

Spirit Airlines offers refunds or travel credits for canceled flights depending on the specific circumstances and eligibility criteria. If you are eligible for a refund, you may receive a refund to the original form of payment.

Can Spirit Airlines waive cancellation fees in case of emergencies?

Spirit Airlines may waive cancellation fees in exceptional circumstances such as severe weather conditions, flight disruptions, or medical emergencies.

How can I avoid paying for Spirit Airlines cancellations?

To avoid Spirit Airlines cancellation fees, prepare ahead of time, purchase flexible tickets, monitor flight status, and contact customer service as required.

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