Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport

Denver has always been one of the busiest airports in the United States, as it currently serves over twenty five different airlines offering exceptional services to passengers over two hundred and fifteen destinations. The Denver international airport is a major hub for three leading airlines, including, United Airlines, Frontier Airlines, and Southwest Airlines.

DEN Airport Terminals

Denver International Airport consists of Concourse A, B, C and Jeppesen Terminal. The Jeppesen terminal being the mail terminal of DEN airport consists of six floors, with in-built parking facilities, food-court, check-in facilities, drop-off, and pick-ups. 

Concourse A is a connected terminal to Jeppesen terminal and all the international flights depart from Concourse A. 

Concourse B is majorly used by the United Airlines and it also consists of two United Airline Lounges, there are tons of shops and restaurants towards the end of concourse B.

Concourse C has a great selection of bars, foods, and restaurants, passengers can only access Concourse B by riding the AGTS from Jeppesen Terminal.

Services provided by Denver International Airport


In order to support its passengers with severe medical conditions or disabilities, Denver International Airport has connected with the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower Organization. So, if the passenger has a hidden disability, s/he can obtain a Sunflower lanyard from the customer service agent or from the Denver Ambassador through which the DEN team can recognize the person with disabilities and help him with the additional assistance at the airport. 


Denver International Airport provides easy-parking at the international airport, passengers can park their vehicles in the East and West garage which are located next to the Jeppesen terminal. Except level three, the parkings are available on levels one, two, four, and five. 


The passengers can have easy access to the elevators in all crowded areas at the airport, right besides the escalators. The elevators are ADA friendly which means that people with disabilities, who take help of a wheelchair to move to and fro, can also have easy access to the elevators at the airport.  


If the passengers want to use restrooms or washrooms before their flight departure or after the flight arrivals, they can use the large private restrooms located in Jeppesen Terminals. All the restrooms available at the airport are ADA accessible. 


At the Denver International Airport, TSA ensures secured transitioning of the passengers through the checkpoints. Only ticketed passengers are allowed past security check points. TSA care will provide assistance at the airport to the disabled passengers to ensure safety boarding. 

Wheelchair services

Wheelchair services are arranged by the airlines for the passengers at the Denver International Airport. However, if the passengers require electric cart services then it will be only available at the airport and not from the terminal. You can contact your airlines for arranging the same. In case you are not the passenger and need to accompany a family member to the aircraft gate, you can obtain a dependent needs pass from the airline’s ticket counter. 

  • You can only obtain a dependent needs pass on the day of flight departure, you will need passenger and flight number to obtain the same.

Facilities provided by Denver International Airport 

  • Jeppesen Terminal is the only terminal which has space for pick-ups and drop-offs, baggage check and claim, access to gates, and security screening. 
  • Three security checkpoints to reduce the traffic at the roadway to the terminals. 
  • Access to trains for reaching the terminals and DEN concourses, you can access the train gates at the centre of all four buildings.
  • DEN offers free baggage check and check-in services to the passengers at security check-in points.
  • DEN ensures that all the passengers have a hassle-free experience at the airport.

Is there any place to sleep at Denver International Airport?

The airport is filled with spacious seating areas but they are attached with armrests. Nevertheless, as most of the floor is carpeted, you can search for a few arm-rest free benches to rest for quite some time. As far as it is concerned with designated rest zones, there are no as such. 

Is there any place to sleep at Denver International Airport?

Denver International airport has a few lounges as well, but with no sleep rooms available. So, if you want to relax or sleep for a while, you  can either choose to rest on the seatings or the hotels if you are going to wait for a few more hours. 

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At Last !

Denver International Airport is a major hub to many of the leading airlines across the globe. You can access food, restaurants, and other shops at the airport itself. The passengers can also raise queries at the airport counter regarding their reservations, bookings, cancellations, refunds, and much more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main terminal at Denver International Airport?

Jeppesen terminal is the main terminal at Denver International Airport. However, it has other three terminals as well including, Concours A, Concours B, and Concourse C. 

Can you walk from Concourse B to Concourse C?

The passengers can only walk from the main terminal at the DEN airport, which is Jeppesen terminal. If you want to reach Concourse C from Concourse B, you will be required to take an underground train to reach the gate. 

Is 45 minutes enough for taking a connecting flight at Denver International Airport?

There are no additional security checks when you are taking direct connecting flights from one terminal to another terminal. However, the international flights usually take at least 45 minutes to one hour to board the passengers before flight departure. So, make sure you reach as soon as you can.

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