How To Add TSA Precheck To Delta?

How To Add TSA Precheck To Delta

Passengers flying by Delta often ask this question How To Add TSA Precheck To Delta? How to add TSA Precheck to the Delta app. In this post the answers will be shared so keep reading.

Understand What Is TSA Precheck?

TSA (Transportation Security Administration) Precheck is a program offered by the US government. TSA Precheck is a faster and more convenient method to pass through the security screening at a US airport. In case you opt for a TSA Precheck program, the security screening will be less time-consuming and easier.

If you want to enroll, check your eligibility, and apply for the application. They will ask for your personal information, a background check will be done and application fees will be asked. In case you get approved a (KTN) known traveler number will be given.

Why is TSA Precheck good?

The program offers a certain amount of privilege for frequent flyers as stated below.

  • Passengers can keep on their shoes, belt and jacket on.
  • Also you wont have to remove laptop or liquids from your carry on bags.
  • It is convenient and hassle-free.
  • The whole purpose behind this program is to run airport smoothly and save time.
  • And remember it is a US based program and mostly availed at every major US airport.

How Is TSA Precheck Added With Delta Airlines

Below are the steps and key points you need to remember while adding TSA Precheck to your reservation.

  1. Firstly, You need to check your eligibility. Enroll for a TSA Precheck. You will get a KTN number.
  2. You can verify your eligibility either by checking it on the TSA website or contact them.
  3. If you haven’t booked your Delta flight yet make sure to add the KTN number while booking a flight.
  4. And if you have already made reservations. You need to update them.
  5. Access your booking details on the Delta airlines official website.
  6. Then click on the manage option to edit the reservation.
  7. Add the given KTN number and recheck to avoid errors. Now confirm those changes.
  8. Your booking will be updated with TSA Precheck program. Make sure to review your update.

These are the steps on How To Add TSA Precheck To Delta or How To Add TSA Precheck ToDelta App.

Key Points On How To Add TSA Precheck To Delta

KTN Known Traveller Number is a nine digit number that will be provided after your have applied for the TSA Precheck program. In the Delta website KTN number will be added under the secure flight info option.

As for How To Add TSA Precheck To Delta App, you can’t add the program using the Delta app but you can check your TSA Precheck details on the mobile app once you have successfully added it in your profile from the browser.

Eligibility For TSA Precheck

There are certain requirements to apply for the TSA Precheck program.

  1. US citizenship and permanent residents are the only ones eligible.
  2. The applicant will go through a background check. Their criminal record, immigration status will be checked.
  3. Applicants must follow the rules and regulations instructed by security personnel.
  4. Remember the final decision is in the hands of the TSA.

Pros Of TSA Precheck With Delta

The program enhances your travel some of pros are:

  1. Faster and easier screening process at the airport. The dedicated TSA Precheck lanes have comparatively shorter queues.
  2. Time saving and efficient. You get a very efficient and smooth run at the airport.
  3. Lesser security requirements are needed. You wont have to remove shoes, belt or light jacket.
  4. Even liquids and laptop can stay in your carry on bags
  5. When TSA Precheck status is present on your Delta Boarding Pass, the travel automatically becomes seamless and hassle free.

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TSA Precheck is shorter, convenient and less time consuming method to pass through security screening. It’s pros, benefits, eligibility is all stated above. And answer to questions such as How To Add TSA Precheck To Delta and How To Add TSA Precheck To Delta App is shared.

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Mark Liam
Mark Liam
1 year ago

If you add your KTN too close to your travel date, you might not see the TSA PreCheck logo on your boarding pass. In this situation, you can talk to a Delta representative at the airport to make sure your TSA security check goes smoothly.

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