How to book special assistance with Etihad Airways?

Etihad Airways Special Assistance

Going on trips is usually a blast and gives you a sense of fulfillment, but it can be challenging for people with special requirements since it’s hard-to-make sure they have a great time. Etihad Airways is committed to making your travel enjoyable and stress-free, regardless of limited mobility, a medical condition, or other specific assistance.

As a result, Etihad Airways offers a range of specially designed help services to make traveling easier and more enjoyable for everyone. We will help you get special assistance from Etihad Airways to make your trip enjoyable and tailored to your specific needs. For this keep rolling with this blog and understand how to book special assistance with Etihad Airways.

Importance of Etihad Airways Special Assistance Services 

Have you ever wondered how airlines ensure a smooth and hassle-free journey for passengers with special needs? Etihad Airways is one of the leading airlines in the world that goes above and beyond to cater to the diverse requirements of its passengers. Before diving into the booking process, it’s crucial to understand what special assistance entails.

Etihad Airways special assistance services refer to the support provided to passengers with disabilities or medical conditions to facilitate air travel. It encompasses various areas such as mobility assistance, assistance for visually or hearing-impaired passengers, and accommodations for those with medical conditions.

Eligibility to Book Etihad Airways Special Assistance Services

Special assistance is crucial for individuals who may require extra support during their travel. It helps ensure that passengers with disabilities, injuries, or medical conditions can navigate through airports, board flights, and reach their destinations without any difficulties. The airline may ask you to submit valid tickets and some relevant documents such as a medical certificate and vaccination records to book Etihad Airways special assistance services.

With the right assistance, passengers can enjoy a seamless travel experience and focus on the excitement of their journey. If you require special assistance, it’s recommended to notify the airline in advance during the booking process as it provides ample time for Etihad Airways to make the necessary arrangements and ensure a seamless travel experience. 

Documentation required to request Etihad Special Assistance Services

Etihad Airways is committed to improving passenger comfort and assisting them in experiencing enjoyment. Throughout the flight, the airline offers a number of services to ensure comfort, accessibility, and personalized assistance. Specially designed wheelchairs are available to help passengers move within the aircraft and access the lavatories comfortably.

Whether you require additional blankets, assistance with moving within the aircraft, or any other form of support, the attentive crew members are there to ensure your comfort and well-being throughout the flight. To enjoy Etihad Special Assistance Services passengers will need to submit:

  • Medical Certificate
  • Vaccination Records
  • Prescribed documents staging your disability level
  • Identification tags (for passengers traveling with pets)
  • Identification proof (Passport, Visa, and other government-approved IDs)
  • Medical Clearance Certificate
  • Valid authorized tickets

Restricted Timelines

When traveling with Etihad Airways, booking special assistance is a straightforward process that allows passengers with specific needs to receive the support they require. Etihad Airways prioritizes the comfort and well-being of all its passengers from in-flight assistance to mobility and medical aid.

Submit the Etihad Special Assistance request form at the official channels and gain the service at your comfort and ease. The passenger needs to submit the request at least two to three days prior to the planned departure. 

Types of Etihad Special Assistance Services 

Etihad Airways understands that every passenger is unique and may require special assistance during their journey. To ensure a smooth experience, the airline has developed a comprehensive range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of passengers with disabilities or medical conditions.

Certain documents may be required when availing of Etihad Airways Special Assistance Services as they aid the airline understand your specific needs and provide the appropriate support and services. We encourage readers to find out more about the distinctive services offered by Etihad Airways through the following terms. From wheelchair assistance to traveling with pets or musical instruments, here are the various types of special assistance services provided by Etihad Airways.

Wheelchair Assistance

Passengers with limited mobility who are unable to walk or move around the airport unaided can request wheelchair assistance from Etihad Airways. The airline provides wheelchair assistance in the airport and throughout the flight. Airport wheelchair assistance ensures that travelers can swiftly check in, go through security and board planes. With in-flight wheelchair assistance, passengers may move around the aircraft cabin more easily and pleasantly. 


Manual and electric wheelchairs are offered depending on the user’s preferences, mobility requirements, and availability at the departure airport.


After you’ve mastered the basics of service offerings, it’s a treat to know how to incorporate wheelchair support into Etihad Airways. Implement the mentioned steps and solve your query on how to add wheelchair assistance in Etihad Airways.


  1. Connect to the special assistance department through email, website, customer service number, ticketing sales office, mobile app, counter, or any authorized channels.
  2. Provide all necessary information such as passenger details, booking credentials, type of services, and many other required credentials.
  3. Select the journey, the number of passengers, and the class of travel. Ensure you are mentioning all necessary travel information before proceeding to the next step.
  4. Share all required information and make required payments such as Etihad Airways Special Assistance Fees with other applicable charges to complete the booking process.
  5. In the end, you will receive a confirmation mail on your registered IDs. Keep it safe for future reference. 

Visual Assistance

Etihad Airways has certified guides who can help visually impaired customers during the flight, guaranteeing a seamless and safe travel experience. Passengers with hearing impairments are accommodated by Etihad Airways by providing visual or textual assistance during their flights. To facilitate successful communication throughout the trip, the airline offers communication cards, captioned safety movies, and a trained crew.

The airline makes certain that travelers with limited mobility receive the help they require during their flights. Representatives are ready to assist travelers with wheelchair assistance, personal care, navigating security checks, and boarding and disembarking from the time they arrive at the airport until they arrive at their ultimate destination. 

Assistance to Hearing, Autism, or Cognitive Disabilities 

Passengers who require special assistance will be provided with dietary or autism and cognitive disability support if they notify the airline in advance with applicable charges. Etihad Airways Special Assistance Services are accommodating passenger needs by providing suitable meals that meet dietary restrictions and offering assistance tailored to individuals with autism or cognitive disabilities.

With Etihad Airways, passengers may enjoy a flawless travel experience and peace of mind during their journey by contacting the airline in advance of any special assistance needs.

Unaccompanied Minor and Senior Citizen Assistance

Etihad Airways seeks to make travel more enjoyable for families with children and the elderly. They provide unaccompanied minor services for children and seniors traveling alone, ensuring their safety and well-being during the journey.

There are seats available for unaccompanied minors and the elderly, allowing them to travel comfortably and securely. The airline is devoted to serving passengers with disabilities, minors, and senior citizens through wheelchair-accessible amenities and designated sitting arrangements.

Emotional or Support Pet Assistance

Etihad Airways permits passengers to travel with emotional support animals (ESAs) under certain conditions. Pet owners can rely on Etihad Airways to transport their furry companions safely. The Etihad Airways Special Assistance Service program has established guidelines for pet transportation, including the pets’ breed, vaccination records, and container specifications.

Passengers who wish to fly with their furry companion must make arrangements with the airline and present all required documentation, including an ESA letter from a certified mental health practitioner. The airline gives pet travel containers to keep pets safe and comfortable while flying. 

Medical and Other Assistance

Passengers with specific medical concerns may require special assistance when traveling. Etihad Airways allows passengers to seek medical assistance ahead of time, and they provide suitable accommodations and services. Passengers who require oxygen, mobility aids, or other medical assistance will be helped through the Etihad Airways Special Assistance Service provision. The cabin crew is trained to provide specialized support, such as aid with stowing and retrieving cabin luggage, aircraft navigation, and general comfort. 

Methods to Book Etihad Airways Special Assistance Services

Special assistance services offered by Etihad Airways cater to passengers who require additional assistance during their journey due to disabilities, medical conditions, or other specific needs. To make your travel experience as convenient as possible, it is recommended to contact Etihad Airways in advance to discuss your special assistance requirements.

This allows the airline to provide you with the necessary guidance and ensure that all arrangements are in place before your journey begins. You can be in touch with the airlines through online and offline modes. 


Before applying the measures, the airline allows passengers to transport their own wheelchairs or mobility equipment for free. However, for safety reasons, some requirements must be fulfilled, such as wheelchair or mobility equipment must be transit-adapted and meet the airline’s provision. Follow the steps below to book Etihad Airways Special Assistance services.

  • To begin the process of booking Etihad Airways Special Assistance Services, visit the official website of Etihad Airways and complete the login procedure.
  • Enter your trip details, such as departure and arrival airports, travel dates, and the number of passengers, in the booking section.
  • Look for the Etihad Airways Special Assistance option during the booking process. Select the option and fill out the Etihad Airways Special Assistance Service form. 
  • You must define the type of special assistance, such as wheelchair assistance or medical care, with enough clarity to ensure correct arrangements.
  • After entering all the necessary information, you may complete the booking process by selecting your preferred flight. 
  • Review all the details before finalizing the booking and pay Etihad Airways Special Assistance Service fees adding to other applicable charges.
  • At last, check your registered mobile number and email address to get the confirmation mail. The passenger will need to keep it safe for future purposes.


Many individuals prefer to book special assistance services with Etihad Airways Customer service representatives right away. The support team is accessible through the ticketing office, customer service number, and sales office to assist clients with special assistance requests and to provide any necessary information.

The customer service personnel will assist visitors in making the appropriate preparations if they wish to schedule special assistance services offline. Passengers must follow the steps to book special assistance services based on their requirements. 

  • Connect to the team through any available channel, and make sure to be precise about your demands while providing relevant information such as passenger name, departure date, and departure city.
  • During the booking process, passengers can indicate whether they need wheelchair assistance, personal assistance, dietary aids, or any other special requirements. 
  • The travel agent will assist you in selecting the most suitable flights, making all essential preparations, and resolving any challenges you may be experiencing.
  • Once the customer service agent has completed the booking Etihad Airways Special Assistance Service process on your behalf, you will need to make the appropriate preparations for special assistance requirements.
  • Verify the details and move forward with the payment of service fees and other applicable charges. The airline will send you confirmation mail on your registered IDs once the booking is completed under Etihad’s norms. 

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Notes to Remember: 

  • Obtaining a pre-travel medical clearance and other appropriate paperwork may be necessary for travelers with particular medical concerns or who require special assistance. 
  • It is strongly advised that you notify Etihad Airways of any special assistance requirements as pre-notification enables the airline to satisfy passenger expectations more effectively.

Etihad Airways Special Assistance Fees 

The airline understands the unique need for customers to go above and above to ensure that passengers with disabilities may fly pleasantly. Etihad Airways offers a number of services that allow visually challenged passengers to explore new worlds regardless of physical limitations.

The bulk of Special Assistance services are given at no cost, even though Etihad Airways may charge you a portion of your flight booking fees. To get Etihad Airways Special Assistance the request must be submitted by the passenger at least 48 hours before departure, and all associated charges must be paid.

  • Passengers can ask for assistance from knowledgeable crew members upon arrival at the airport, who will lead them through the check-in, security screening, and boarding processes by paying a nominal fee as service charges.
  • The airline may charge a service fee additionally depending on time and type of request.
  • A passenger does not need to pay Etihad Airways Special Assistance fees for wheelchair assistance and personal aid.
  • Etihad imposes fees on passengers requesting portable oxygen or any medical equipment.
  • No fee is charged to a passenger requesting mobility aid due to permanent illness and disability. 
  • The passenger will need to pay up to USD 500 or above depending on the types of services requested.
  • Etihad Airways welcomes both manual and electric wheelchairs. The airline will collect costs for electric wheelchairs, as well as extra documentation and expenses.
  • In some instances, the airline may not charge any additional fees for mobility equipment aid. 

Wind Up
Traveling with special assistance requirements may be enjoyable and stress-free with Etihad Airways. The airline offers a range of services to guarantee a comfortable and trouble-free journey, whether it’s because of a health condition, a disability, or other travel requirements.

In order to guarantee a peaceful and pleasurable vacation, passengers will be required to supply information in advance with relevant documents. If you have any queries or worries regarding your special assistance needs, get in touch with the customer care team. With Etihad Airways, your trip will be tailored to meet your unique needs, providing you and your family with peace of mind and a relaxing getaway through Etihad Airways Special Assistance Services.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a limit to how many mobility aids I may carry with me?

Under the Etihad Airways Special Assistance Service program, no precise restriction is applied to the type and number of mobility aids. To use the service, travelers must contact the airlines ahead of time and provide the necessary documentation.

Can I request a special meal for dietary restrictions?

Yes. Etihad Airways offers special meal options to accommodate various dietary restrictions by contacting the customer service team.

Why does Etihad Airways require a medical certificate from disabled passengers?

A medical information form must be completed. This form gathers vital medical data that enables airline staff to comprehend your needs and provide the necessary support.

How can you receive medical attention in an emergency?

Etihad Airways accepts medical devices that are certified for use on board and can aid in the administration of medicine.

What should I do if my request for special assistance is turned down by Etihad Airways?

Passengers will need to contact Etihad Airways customer service if their special assistance request is not honored. It is advised that you notify the airline ahead of time to ensure proper accommodations.

Is there a fee for Etihad Airways Special Assistance Service?

Most special assistance services are provided at no additional cost by Etihad Airways. For some medical aid such as portable oxygen, the airline may apply Etihad Airways Special Assistance fees based on fare category and type of services.

What are the special assistance services offered by Etihad Airways?

To meet the different requirements of its passengers, the airline goes above and beyond to deliver extraordinary special assistance services which ensure safety. From wheelchairs to medical aid, the airline will be there for you in every way possible.

Can I bring my service or emotional pet on board?

Yes. Service animals are permitted on board, subject to vaccination records and adherence to the Etihad Airways pet policy.

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