What Terminal is Turkish Airlines at ORD?

What Terminal is Turkish Airlines at ORD

What terminal is Turkish Airlines at ORD? Turkish Airlines uses Terminal 5 at Chicago O’Hare Airport. However, some of the Turkish Airlines flights are codeshare flights which may be operated by other airlines. In this situation, Turkish Airlines uses Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 at ORD. 

Terminal 5 is the main terminal at the Chicago O’Hare airport as all the major ticket desks are located here. Some of the domestic flights also depart from Terminal 5. 

About Terminal 5

Terminal 5 is equipped with restaurants such as McDonald’s, Dunkin, coffee shops, and a few bars. Terminal 5 being an terminal has 24*7 options available for you to have a quick bite at. 

The terminal consists of two lounges to service the passengers. Unlike other airlines policies, ORD allows all the passengers to have access to the lounge regardless of the class they are travelling in. However, having a lounge membership program is a must have for that. 

The passengers who have a lounge membership program can have access to full-bar, snacks, and wifi before their flight departure time. You can access the airport three hours prior to your scheduled flight. 

The cost of the lounge depends upon the time of membership you want to get access to. 

Services At Chicago O’Hare Airport

Medical services

Passengers who require urgent medical assistance at the airport can have access to the urgent care clinic at Chicago O’Hare airport. The location of the urgent care clinic is terminal 2.

Lost and found services

Sometimes the passengers lose track of their items, resulting in flight delays. So, in case you have lost your item at the ticketing counter, near the gate area, or anywhere at the airport, you can contact your airline for the same. 


Hilton Chicago O’Hare hotel is at the walking distance from terminal one, two, and three. In case your flight delays and there is enough time left for you to relax, you can get access to the hotel, use the shower, freshen yourself up, and get back to the airport. Also, you can have access to restaurants, fitness centres, sports bars, etc.

Hotel Services At Chicago O’Hare Airport

Free Wi-Fi

All the passengers can access free wifi before security checks and after security checks as well at the Chicago O’Hare airport. You can follow the below mentioned steps in order to get access to wifi at O’Hare:

  • Turn on “wifi” on your device and select “Boingo Hotspot” or _Free_ORD_Wifi from the settings option. 
  • Launch internet browsers such as internet explorer, safari, firefox, chrome, etc. 
  • Click on “watch Ad to connect” under ORD Free Unlimited Wifi. 

Only the non-https URL works if you want to prompt the Wi-fi access page. In case you are still unable to connect to Wifi, you can reach out to the customer care. 

There is one workstation at gate M13 in Terminal 5. 

How long do I need to be at O’Hare Airport before my flight?

How early you should reach the airport completely depends upon your destination, whether you have to take an flight or a domestic one. So, if we cut it short, usually the passengers are required to reach at least two hours prior for a domestic flight and at least 3.5 hours prior for an flight.

The specified time might look a bit longer to the passengers but there are certain factors which we need to consider at the airport for passengers. There are specific travel documents, visas, and other important documents which are needed at the airport along with some additional security check-ins. 

Is TSA Precheck available at ORD Terminal 5?

TSA Pre Checks are available at ORD Terminal 5 to ease the process of security check ins for passengers. TSA Precheck doesn’t require the passengers to remove their shoes, belts, jackets, and stuff from their carry-on bags. 

Tip: To go through the screening process without hassle, pack your carry-on bags in an organised manner, this allows the check-in officers to quickly process the screening via checkpoint. 

Do Turkish airlines provide special assistance ORD Terminal 5?

Now that you know What terminal is Turkish Airlines at ORD, let’s get you some information about the special assistance provided by Turkish Airlines at ORD Terminal 5. 

The commercial Chicago O’Hare Airport provides special assistance to its passengers, which means that the people with disabilities can have easy access to the airport. 

  • Passengers with disabilities can have easy access to wheelchairs, as there are different pick up and drop-off points. 
  • Disabled passengers can have access to elevators which are wheelchair-friendly.

The TSA provides special assistance not only to disabled people but also to people with severe medical conditions and people who are completely immobile. So, no matter what your concern is, you can always have access to air transport at your convenience. 

At the end:

As we answered your question about what terminal is Turkish Airlines at ORD, we gave you some other specific information about the services provided by Turkish airlines at ORD, how long do you need to reach the terminal before your flight departures and much more. We hope that you enjoy your journey with Turkish airlines. If You Want to Know the Price of Turkish Airlines Business Class You may Visit : How much is Turkish Airlines Business Class

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Chicago O’Hare have lounges at Terminal 5?

Yes, the passengers who have the lounge membership program can have access to full-bar before their flight departure time.

Is Chicago O’Hare terminal 5 domestic?

No, the Chicago O’Hare terminal 5 is not connected to the domestic terminals. It is the only terminal at ORD. 

What Airlines are in Terminal 5?

Numerous airlines operate through Terminal 5 at OR

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