What Terminal is Turkish Airlines at IAH?

What Terminal is Turkish Airlines at IAH

What terminal is Turkish Airlines at IAH? Turkish Airlines uses Terminal D at the IAH, Houston airport. However, any of the codeshare flights that are labeled Turkish Airlines operate from Terminal C and Terminal E. To get more information on how Terminal D operates at Houston Airport.

Details About Terminal D at IAH

Terminal D is also known as Mickey Leland Terminal which consists of twelve gates and majorly serves the United Express International arrivals and Non-United international operations. 

Ground transportation at Terminal D at IAH Airport

Not only for Terminal D, but the passengers can have access to transportation for all Terminals. IAH has put forward two means of transportation for passengers to move to and from the terminals and to easily access other airport services. The two mentioned options are: 

  • Skyway: skyway is an elevated train that the passengers can use if they have connecting flights and need to reach the other terminal on time, without having to go through the security check-ins again. 
  • Subway: the subway is an underground train that connects to the hotel and all the terminals at IAH. So, in case you want to use the hotel services at IAH, you can have easy access with the help of Subway.
Ground transportation at Terminal D, IAH

Parking at IAH Terminals

All the passengers can have access to convenient parking at all the terminals at IAH airport. You can have access to EV Charging stations, self-parking, and automated parking guidance systems. Check out the box below to know the parking rates. 

Hourly rates Pre-tax pricePost-tax price 
0-10 min0.921.00
11 min-1 hour4.625.00
01-02 hours5.546.00
02-03 hours7.39 8.00
03-05 hours9.2410.00
05-24 hours A/B23.0925.00
05-24 hours C/D/E23.0925.00

You Must know about IAH

Now that you know what terminal is Turkish Airlines at IAH? Let’s get you introduced to the basic “must-knows” about Houston airport.  

  • There are no smoking areas inside the terminals at IAH airport, which ultimately means that the passengers aren’t allowed to smoke or vape inside the terminals. If, at all, the passenger wishes to do so, s/he must do it at least 25 ft away from the entrances. 
  • Houston airport offers easy access to duty-free shops to all its passengers, which means you can shop world’s most preferable brands. However, you are not allowed to shop for tobacco and alcohol with the benefit of duty-free pricing.
  • All the passengers can have access to free wifi at all terminals at IAH airport. All you have to do to connect to the wifi is, turn on your wifi, select free airport wifi, and submit. You can now check your important notifications and other emails. 


Do we hope you have your answer as to what terminal is Turkish Airlines at iah? You can always move around the terminals with subway or skyway, depending upon your needs. However, you must access the subway via the pre–security terminal area. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is terminal D at IAH airport closed?

No, the terminal D at IAH Airport isn’t closed. Almost all the non-united and united operations are done at terminal D.

Can you walk between Terminal D and Terminal C?

Yes, the passengers can easily access Terminal D from Terminal C. However, if you don’t want to walk, you can also take the train.  

Is one hour enough for connecting flights in IAH Houston?

Yes, one hour is plenty enough for connecting flights in IAH Houston. 

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