How to add Aegean Airlines Special Assistance?

How to Book Special Assistance with Aegean Airlines

Many people like air travel since it is extremely accessible and comfortable regardless of their physical capabilities. Aegean Airlines knows how critical it is to compassionately serve travelers who require special assistance due to a disability or limited mobility. In this blog, we’ll look at How to Book Special Assistance with Aegean Airlines while paying close attention to wheelchair assistance. We’ll go over the steps, important things to think about, and difficulties involved in making these arrangements. 

Importance of Special Assistance

Aegean Airlines makes every effort to ensure that all patrons enjoy a pleasant and trouble-free travel experience. Embarking with the love of your close ones, below are some key importance of Aegean Airlines Special Assistance:

  • Passengers with disabilities or mobility challenges require additional assistance that benefits them to enjoy the in-flight alternatives. 
  • Special services like wheelchairs and medical equipment support will aim to create an inclusive environment that meets the various needs.
  • Aegean Airlines stresses special assistance in order to ensure that everyone, regardless of impairment, has fair access to air travel.

Services Available Under Aegean Airlines Special Assistance

The Aegean Airlines Special Assistance is tailored to please passengers who require proper assistance during air travel. In the long journey, passengers with limited mobility will be required to take assistance for a smooth transition. Aegean Airlines had made all arrangements that help passengers roar above their belts. Consider going through the following to have a clear format of services available under the Aegean Airlines Special Assistance program. Here are some of the key services available for passengers with disabilities or limited mobility:

Wheelchair Assistance

A passenger who is injured or requires mobility support can easily contact Aegean Airlines and ask to arrange wheelchair assistance. The airline will make all the necessary arrangements if the request is made at least 48 to 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Aegean Airlines Wheelchair Assistance includes check-in, boarding, and during the disembarkation phase. In some instances, the airline may ask the passenger to bring their own wheelchair.

Visually Impaired Assistance 

Travelers with visual impairments can receive support from the airline by having someone follow them through the airport, giving them the information they require, helping them board, and aiding them with any necessary medicine during the flight journey.

Visually Impaired Assistance 

Hearing Impaired Assistance 

The airline ensures that passengers who have hearing impairments or are hard of hearing get appropriate communication from experts. They provide visual alerts and other communication channels to ensure that important information is transmitted.


For travelers with restricted mobility, assistance is required during the boarding process. Aegean resolves each of these problems by stationing qualified personnel at the boarding gate. Customers who are traveling with a disability, limited mobility, health difficulties, or who need vision and hearing aids will be helped. 

Disembarkation Assistance

Aegean Airlines has altered its Special Assistance service to assist passengers with disabilities or limited mobility during the disembarkation procedure. This will guarantee that passengers are receiving the required care and enjoying peace of mind by enabling a seamless transition from the departure point to the arrival terminal.

In-Flight Assistance

Prior to discussing How to Book Special Assistance with Aegean Airlines, we will first discuss the benefits of traveling with Aegean Airlines owing to its Special Assistance service. The airline provides in-flight help through its cabin crew members, who are trained to give any additional assistance required throughout the trip, as well as aid passengers in placing their seats and storing carry-on baggage.

Medical Assistance

Aegean Airlines should be informed in advance if a passenger will be using medical equipment such as CPAP machines or portable oxygen concentrators. The airline will work with the traveler to make sure that the equipment is appropriately handled and accommodated throughout the journey. Priority boarding enables those with disabilities or limited mobility to board the aircraft ahead of other passengers.

Medical Assistance

Seating Configurations

The airline assists passengers with disabilities or specific needs by offering extra legroom, seats near the aisle for easier access, or seats closer to the lavatories. It helps disabled passengers to access comfort and enjoy in-flight services extra with ease. 

Is Wheelchair assistance comes under Aegean Airlines Special Assistance service?

Wheelchair assistance, eyesight or hearing impairment assistance, medical assistance, and other sorts of support are all provided by Special Assistance. Aegean Airlines Wheelchair Assistance is a compassionate service aimed to empower people with restricted mobility and is one of the key services that many passengers receive under the Special Assistance program. This ensures a safer voyage for them and allows them to navigate airports and planes with ease. 

What passenger needs to hold in mind?

The requirement for special assistance or a wheelchair for better connectivity must be disclosed to Aegean Airlines well in advance. The availability of the majority of assistance services varies depending on the airport, the type of fare, the destination, and other factors. Passengers must have all required papers, including any required medical certifications, with them in order to guarantee hassle-free travel. 

How To Book Special Assistance With Aegean Airlines?

The airline is committed to providing for the various needs of its consumer base and works hard to make each passenger feel at home. Whether you or someone you know requires special support, this guide will help you go through the process effectively. We’ll walk you through the steps necessary to get in touch with devoted, qualified specialists who can help passengers who have no or restricted motion.  It is critical that you notify Aegean Airlines of your specific needs well in advance of your travel. The actions to take are as follows:

  • Connect to the Aegean Airlines Special Assistance Department via officially authorized methods.
  • Submit all required information, such as departure airport code, arrival airport code, date of departure, and operational timing. 
  • Mention your specific needs, such as wheelchair assistance, and any additional requirements in the Aegean Airlines Special Assistance Form. 
  • Review your request and progress to the next step.
  • Aegean Airlines will confirm your special assistance booking depending on requesting time and availability.
  • The airline will send you booking information through email or text message. Remember to save this confirmation email for future reference.

How To Add Wheelchair Assistance In Aegean Airlines?

If you require wheelchair assistance, Aegean Airlines offers two options:

  • Bring Own Wheelchair
    • If you fail to request a wheelchair ahead of time or you wish to bring your own wheelchair, you can with relevant documents.
    • The airline allows you to carry a wheelchair with you in the cabin depending on the configurations.
    • In case you are bringing your own wheelchair for any specific reason, make sure you are reaching the departure airport at least 4 to 6 hours prior to the scheduled departure to complete the arrangement procedure.
  •  Requesting a Wheelchair 

Passengers can request a wheelchair provided by the airline through the following steps:

  • Reach the departure airport and make a request at the Aegean Airlines desk.
  • The airline will offer you manual or electric wheelchairs based on need and availability. 
  • You will be assisted by the officials throughout the journey from check-in to medication.


Everyone knows that Aegean Airlines is the greatest airline for special assistance services. However, several difficulties arose when providing special assistance services:

  1. Inform Aegean Airlines well in advance about special assistance as in most scenarios the airline requires time to make appropriate arrangements that ensure a seamless travel experience.
  2. Reduce making last-minute requests as it reduces your chance to gain the requested service due to unavailability.
  3. When booking Aegean Airlines Special Assistant service, keep in mind that aircraft amenities and constraints regarding wheelchair storage and onboard accessibility will vary. 
  4. Passengers with disabilities traveling on connecting flights with other airlines should notify Aegean Airlines so that the airline may work with the other airlines to ensure the continuation of special assistance.

Aegean Airlines Special Assistant charges

Nothing comes with money, the airline will charge you a significant amount as Aegean Airlines Special Assistant fees depending on 

  • Fare types
  • Type of passengers
  • Request time
  • Destination
  • Service types

Passengers may need to pay a minimum of USD 50 TO USD 100, however, depending on the availability and time of the request the minimum charge may range to USD 200. Communicate with the officials through the customer service number to grab adequate information. 


Aegean Airlines allows passengers with disabilities or limited mobility to experience the joy of travel while minimizing any potential challenges they might face. The simple process of reserving special assistance, such as a wheelchair, with Aegean Airlines requires customer participation and prompt communication. Passengers with impairments can travel comfortably and with other passengers if the necessary paperwork is completed within the time limit allowed. However, how a service is offered depends on its availability and the time of the request.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other services are available under special assistance?

Aegean Airlines offers in-flight assistance, assistance with medical equipment, special seating arrangements, wheelchair assistance, and support for visually or hearing impaired passengers.

Can I make a special request to Aegean Airlines?

Yes. Aegean Airlines provides special assistance to travelers with any disabilities or limited mobility.

Do passengers need to notify Aegean in advance about special assistance?

Yes. Passengers must inform Aegean Airlines well in advance about the special assistance requirements as it allows them to make all necessary arrangements for a seamless travel experience.

Is there any restriction to requesting Aegean Airlines special assistance?

Several limits may exist depending on the features of the aircraft and the accessibility of services. It is preferable to convey your expectations as soon as possible to increase the possibility of accommodation.

Can a vision impairment patient request a wheelchair from Aegean Airlines?

Yes. Passengers can request a wheelchair from Aegean Airlines by notifying them in advance. The airline will provide both manual and electric wheelchairs.

How can I reserve special assistance on Aegean Airlines?

You can reserve special assistance by making communication with the Aegean Airlines Special Assistance Department.

Can I bring my own wheelchair on an Aegean Airlines flight?

Yes. Aegean allows you to bring your own wheelchair. The airline will provide storage for your wheelchair within the cabin depending on aircraft configurations.

Is there priority boarding for passengers with hearing disabilities?

Yes, passengers with hearing disabilities can receive priority boarding to ensure a smoother boarding process. However, it totally depends on the airline and the fare types they hold.

Is there expert assistance available for connecting flights?

Passengers must notify Aegean Airlines about their connecting flights in order for them to continue providing extra assistance.

Is there a fee to request Aegean Airlines wheelchair assistance?

Aegean Airlines does charge a fee for wheelchair assistance services. The fees depend on various factors, consider communicating with officials as in some scenarios the airline may offer wheelchair assistance for free.

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