How to Book Special Assistance with Aeromexico?

How to Book Special Assistance with Aeromexico

Aeromexico is a well-known international airline serving multiple destinations worldwide. The airline believes everyone should be able to fly comfortably and safely regardless of their body condition. So, to provide secure and comfortable air travel, the airline offers Special Assistance services. The aeromexico airlines Special Assistance recognizes the significance of serving travelers with special needs or limited mobility.

In this post, we will examine the airline’s dedication to special assistance, with a focus on wheelchair assistance, and we will provide you with crucial information on How to Book Special Assistance with Aeromexico. 

A Quick Overview of Aeromexico Airlines Special Assistance Service

The passenger needs to make some pre-flight preparation as it allows Aeromexico to make all required arrangements within a dedicated time period. The airline is offering wheelchair assistance, cabin accessibility, medical support, service animals, communication and assistance, special meals, assistance for children and seniors, baggage considerations, international travel, and feedback procedures under Aeromexico Airlines Special Assistance. With them, each passenger is handled with decency and respect as a result of their dedication to diversity and accessibility.

Aeromexico Airlines Special Assistance is available to all passengers who are encountering mobility difficulties, have required medical support, or require physical support for making air travel. The service is available to pregnant women, senior citizens, visual impairments, hearing impairments, medical conditions, physical disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and many others who require additional support.


Aeromexico Special Assistance is available to all passengers who are encountering mobility difficulties, have required medical support, or require physical support for making air travel. The service is available to pregnant women, senior citizens, visual impairments, hearing impairments, medical conditions, physical disabilities, cognitive disabilities, and many others who require additional support. Aeromexico makes an effort to satisfy these varied requests by offering specialized assistance. The Aeromexico special assistance request needs to be made at the time of reservation or at least 48 to 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Types of Services

Before we answer you on How to Book Special Assistance with Aeromexico, we try to delve into the types of services available under Special Assistance. No matter what physical constraints they may have, passengers may explore the world with Aeromexico.

Prior to your trip, it is essential to let Aeromexico know if you necessitate any particular support. While making a reservation, get in touch with the airline by calling their specialized service hotline. 


  • Maintain a supply of any necessary documents, such as identity cards for those with disabilities or medical certifications. 
  • In order for the necessary preparations to be made, it is also crucial that you give advance notice of your requirements.

Wheelchair Assistance

Aeromexico offers a wheelchair service to passengers with limited mobility, pregnant women, or passengers who need physical support. If you require a wheelchair at the airport, you will need to inform about the requirement in advance.

Since the airline only supplies wheelchairs when they are available, it is best to request one when booking your reservation to ensure that one will be there for you when you arrive. You will be assisted by committed staff members throughout boarding and disembarkation, ensuring a smooth and comfortable journey. A range of wheelchairs, including motorized and manual versions, are available to meet your needs. 


The airline’s dedication to special assistance enables passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility to fly in luxury and with ease. The inclusive and accessible services offered by Aeromexico include policies on service animals, wheelchair accessibility, and cabin accessibility.

You may make your vacation with Aeromexico more pleasant and simple by being aware of your needs and speaking clearly. Learning how to add wheelchair assistance in Aeromexico is something you should do right now for a smooth transition.

  • Passengers need to make Aeromexico wheelchair assistance requests through the official modes (website, customer service number, email, or authorized ticketing centers).
  • The airline will offer wheelchair support only if the passenger requested the support at least two to three days prior to the scheduled departure.
  • Make all the arrangements and submit relevant documents such as medical certificates, nationality IDs, and other legal documents.

Cabin or In-flight assistance

Aeromexico prioritizes passengers’ safety and comfort over other elements. The airline offers Cabin or In-flight assistance for travelers with disabilities or mobility challenges under the Aeromexico Airlines special assistance service. To satisfy a range of needs, there are numerous seating arrangements available, such as seats with movable armrests and additional legroom.

The aircraft also includes accessibility features including wider aisles and accessible overhead bins which improve comfort level. Passengers with disabilities and limited restrictions can access restrooms in the cabin.

Medical Support

Passengers who require CPAP or oxygen support throughout their flight should contact Aeromexico. It is crucial to contact the airline ahead of time if you require oxygen or other medical assistance, as the airline will need to provide the proper arrangements.

If you require medication or medical devices, be sure you understand the airline’s regulations and give the necessary paperwork before initiating the reservation process. The cabin crew is trained to provide in-flight medical aid if necessary and submit the Aeromexico special assistance request form through the officially authorized channels. 

Vision and Hearing Impairment

Aeromexico prioritizes passengers with vision and hearing impairments. To win the hearts of travelers, the airline will not charge any fees. This assistance encourages passengers in being more alert, and crew members will also assist passengers in enhancing their comfort. Throughout the trip, an airline employee will help passengers with taking medication, using restrooms, and arriving at their destinations in comfort.

Service Animals

Aeromexico understands passengers love to travel with service animals, such as guide dogs or emotional support animals as it eases passenger mobility. To carry pets with them, the passenger must adhere to the Aeromexico pet policy.

The relevant paperwork, including a certificate of the animal’s training and health, must be provided by the passengers. You must get in touch with the airline in advance to learn about their particular requirements and procedures.

Service Animals

Communication Assistance

Passengers with physical disability and medical support need communication assistance during the flight journey. The airline understands that the passenger requires physical and medical aid throughout the flight journey. Aeromexico’s crew members are trained to communicate clearly with passengers and ensure their needs are met efficiently.

During the flight, additional assistance can be provided upon request, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free experience. It helps passengers to enjoy in-flight amenities with proficiency limiting their physical appearance.

Special Assistance for Pregnant Women, Children, and Senior Citizens

Aeromexico understands the special assistance of children traveling alone and has regulations and procedures in place for unaccompanied minors, pregnant women, and the elderly. You can follow the Aeromexico unaccompanied minor policy for better and clear understanding.

Parents or guardians can request additional special assistance such as flying monitoring and specialist support. The airline prioritizes senior passengers to improve their comfort and safety when traveling. Childcare and elder care services are available upon request so it is advisable to make a request as soon as possible.

Baggage and Mobility Aids

Under the Aeromexico special assistance service, passengers traveling with mobility aids can get wheelchairs or walkers at no or minimal fees. The airline also provides additional baggage allowance to accommodate their needs.

Aeromexico ensures that mobility aids are provided efficiently which enhances the passenger travel experience. Mobility assistance for passengers will be delivered soon to ensure a smooth changeover. 

International Travel for Connecting Flights

Passengers will need to present a passport and visa for international travel. The airline may request passengers to make all arrangements including travel documents and comply with the destination regulations.

Passengers must submit a passport with at least six months validity, the airline will serve special assistance to passengers with limited mobility during flight crossovers or connecting flights. If you require Aeromexico special assistance abroad, contact the airline to inquire about accessible services and support based on your destination.

Other Assistance

Aeromexico complies with all passenger rules, including those pertaining to diet food and beverages. The airline offers unique cuisine alternatives for a fee. Contact the airline while making a reservation or in advance to request a special meal.

The airline will make every effort to accommodate your dietary requirements, allergies, or other restrictions. Make sure to express your needs at the time of reservation or at the time of filling out the Aeromexico Special Assistance request form so that you receive proper food.

Other Assistance

Ways to submit the Aeromexico Special Assistance Request Form

Passengers can submit their Aeromexico Special Assistance request forms via online or offline channels. Multiple alternatives allow travelers to select the manner that is most convenient for them. There are numerous ways to submit the form, which are detailed below:

Online Method

  • Passengers have the option to submit the form via Aeromexico Website. Visit the official website and complete the login process.
  • Initiate the booking procedure using passenger credentials.
  • Navigate to the “Special Assistance” or “Passenger Services” section. 
  • Look for the Aeromexico Special Assistance request form, it is available as a PDF or an online form.
  • Passengers must tick the checkbox to book Aeromexico Special Assistance.
  • Fill out the required boxes with appropriate information and submit the form by paying the applicable charges.
  • Follow the on-screen prompts and complete the process with ease.
  • Once the booking is made, you will get a confirmation mail on your registered IDs. 

Offline Method

  •  Contact Aeromexico Customer Service and get in touch with the available representative using booking credentials.
  • Inform the representative about Special Assistance according to your requirements. 
  • The agent will guide you through the Aeromexico Special Assistance booking process.
  • You may require paying assistance fees, however, for Aeromexico Wheelchair Assistance you may not need to pay any additional charges.


  • Passengers who prefer in-person interactions can visit the authorized ticket office or airport counter and follow the above-discussed steps. 
  • Passengers must provide accurate and detailed information about their needs and preferences as it will help the airline to assist passengers in a better way. 
  • The airline appreciates feedback and welcomes the submission of recommendations through authorized channels. In the same manner, you can request and make grievances to improve assistance services.

Aeromexico Special Assistance Charges

To ensure their comfort and safety throughout the flight, the airline offers passengers with impairments or restricted mobility specialized support services. Aeromexico Airlines Special Assistance Charges vary depending on a number of variables. Here are some vital charging factors to take into account:

  • The airline will not charge any additional charges for passengers who require basic special assistance services such as wheelchair support.
  • Passengers who require an oxygen concentrator or other medical equipment may be required to pay Aeromexico Airlines Special Assistance fees. 
  • The airline will not charge any assistance fees to pregnant passengers and senior citizens for medicine and communication assistance.
  • Aeromexico will charge certain fees if the passengers are willing to carry pets with them for emotional and physical support throughout the journey.

Submit your Aeromexico Airlines Special Assistance request well in advance to provide the airline enough time to process your request and make the required accommodations. It will also allow travelers to pay less if they make their request close to the departure date.


A well-known airline that travels to several foreign countries is Aeromexico. The airline is dedicated to ensuring passengers’ comfort and safety during their travel, as well as special support to passengers with impairments or limited mobility.

The airline provides a variety of services, including priority boarding, in-flight assistance, and wheelchair assistance. People with specific medical conditions, physical limitations, visual, hearing, or cognitive impairments may qualify for special assistance free of charge. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it feasible to request a wheelchair at the airport if I have a temporary mobility issue?

Yes. The airline will offer wheelchair service even if you have a temporary mobility issue. However, the airline may charge you based on fare types, destination, and time of request. 

Is there a limit to the size or weight of mobility aids I may bring on board?

Yes. Aeromexico has a limit to the size or weight of mobility aids. The airline makes changes based on destination and fare category. 

What sorts of special meals are available for dietary-restricted passengers?

It is dependent on the passenger requesting time since passengers expressing dietary restrictions at the airport will not receive meals owing to many challenges.

Can I bring my emotional support animal on Aeromexico flights?

Yes. Aeromexico allows emotional support animals with limited restrictions.

How can I provide feedback or file a complaint about my experience with Aeromexico special assistance?

By contacting the customer service department passengers can easily provide feedback or file a complaint about their experiences. 

Are there Aeromexico special assistance charges for wheelchairs?

No, the airline will not charge any additional charges to passengers requesting wheelchairs due to physical disabilities. 

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