How to Book Special Assistance with Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines special assistance

Flying with Ethiopian Airlines offers a wide range of services to cater to passengers with disabilities or special needs. From mobility assistance to in-flight support, the airline strives to ensure a safe and enjoyable journey for everyone. The airline understands the importance of inclusive travel experiences, ensuring that individuals with diverse needs can embark on their voyages with comfort, convenience, and peace of mind. In this blog, we will delve into the various aspects of Ethiopian Airlines special assistance program, highlighting the airline’s dedication to making air travel accessible for everyone.

Importance of Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance

Before we start discussing how to book special assistance with Ethiopian Airlines, we will explore the services and importance of special assistance services. Whether you require wheelchair assistance, have visual impairments, or require extra support during your travels, the airline has dedicated services in place to cater to your needs.

The airline provides wheelchairs and personal assistance throughout the journey for passengers with mobility challenges. From check-in to boarding and disembarkation, our attentive staff will ensure a comfortable and hassle-free experience. Book Ethiopian Airlines special assistance as it is available both within the airport terminals and on the aircraft, allowing passengers to move around with ease.

Types of Special Assistance available at Ethiopian Airlines

Ethiopian Airlines offers pre-flight assistance services to ensure a seamless start to the journey. Passengers requiring special assistance can inform the airline at the time of booking or contact the Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance Services department directly.

Moving through a bustling airport can be a daunting task, especially for those with limited mobility. The airline recognizes this and offers wheelchair assistance to passengers who require it. Whether you have a temporary injury or a permanent condition, Ethiopian Airlines’ skilled crew members will be there to assist you throughout your travel experience.

Wheelchair Service

The airline is committed to providing a comfortable and inclusive travel experience for passengers who require wheelchair assistance. Ethiopian Airlines Wheelchair assistance service is crucial for those with mobility issues because it helps them to safely and successfully navigate airports and flights. For people who require mobility assistance, it offers a stress-free experience from check-in through arrival.

Everyone should be able to travel in comfort, regardless of whatever physical constraints they might have. Make a reservation for your wheelchair service with Ethiopian Airlines as soon as you can, ensure you have all the required documentation, and inform the airline in advance of any particular needs.

Visual, Speech, or Hearing Impairments

Passengers with visual or hearing disability will get assistance with boarding and disembarkation from skilled members at no additional charge. They also get proper guidance within the airport premises that ensures an environment where everyone can express themselves and receive the necessary information with respecting comfort. Effective communication is crucial for passengers with hard hearing, vision difficulties, or speech impairments. The airline offers communication support services to enhance accessibility.

Pregnant, Senior Citizen, Infant, or Handicap

For passengers who are incapable of moving frequently, Ethiopian Airlines offers the option to reserve seats with extra space such as legroom or aisle seats. These seats are strategically located to provide more comfort, ensuring a relaxed journey. Passengers with specific medical needs can avail themselves of medical assistance provided by Ethiopian Airlines.

The airline’s staff will ensure your safety and well-being if you require special seating arrangements, oxygen supply, or assistance with medication. Under Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance, passengers with cognitive impairments will get sensory-friendly environments and guidance throughout the journey that helps them to gain peace of mind. 

Service Pets Assistance

Ethiopian Airlines welcomes service animals on board, ensuring that passengers with visual impairments or other disabilities can travel with their trusted furry companions. To ensure a seamless journey for both passengers and their loyal helpers, the airline has made all required arrangements.

However, to enjoy a pleasure-rich journey, the passenger must submit the Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance request form in advance with relevant documents such as medical certificates and vaccination records. 

Other Key Assistance offered by Ethiopian Airlines

  • Passengers with visual impairments can enjoy audio description tracks, while closed captioning is available for individuals with hearing impairments. 
  • The airline offers a range of special meals, including vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and diabetic-friendly options to safeguard passengers’ dietary needs. 
  • Assistance will be provided to passengers with health problems, and specific arrangements will be made for medicines and medical devices under the supervision of trained medical specialists.
  • Ethiopian Airlines recognizes that unaccompanied minors require special attention and care during their journey. From check-in to arrival, the airline prioritizes their safety, comfort, and well-being, allowing parents and guardians to have peace of mind.

Ways to Book Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance Services

Ethiopian Airlines understands that every passenger has unique needs. Whether you require wheelchair assistance, prefer bulkhead seating, or need assistance with your service animal, their special assistance services are designed to cater to your specific requirements.

Book Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance Services and enjoy a seamless flight journey regardless of fare type and physical liabilities. The airline accepts Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance request forms through online and offline methods. Here, we will go over the methods that will help you obtain special assistance. 

Online Method to Add Special Assistance with Ethiopian Airlines

  • Browse the desired website and be on Ethiopian Airlines‘ official website.
  • Complete the authentication process using user credentials to navigate to the “Manage Booking” section.
  • Input the booking reference number and the last name of the passenger to access the scheduled reservation.
  • Select the desired booking and search for the option to add special assistance.
  • Choose the type of service as per your requirement, such as wheelchair assistance, medical aid, personal assistant, legroom, or special meals.
  • Fill out the Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance request form mentioning the necessary details and attach relevant documents such as medical certificates, vaccination records, or physician prescriptions with verification IDs.
  • Review the information presented and save the changes to confirm the inclusion of special assistance to your booking.
  • Pay applicable charges based on additional services or upgrades. You can pay the Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance fees through available modes.
  • Once the booking is made, you can gain your new credentials through registered IDs. 

Offline Method to Add Special Assistance with Ethiopian Airlines

  • Connect with customer service through email, customer support numbers, ticketing sales, and airport official outlets. 
  • Reach out to the Ethiopian Airlines customer service team, and inform the representative about your requirement. 
  • The passenger will need to submit the Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance form and add special assistance to the existing booking with the help of a travel agent.
  • Give them your booking reference number and any other required personal information to get your booked trip. 
  • The representative will ask you to select the type of service you need. If you require a wheelchair or more space for your legs be sure to express it clearly and provide specific information related to your Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance needs.
  • Once you have paid the applicable fees, the agent will make any necessary changes to your booking and confirm the inclusion of special assistance. 
  • Verify any modifications to your reservation and receive a confirmation email or reference number to your registered email address.

Execute the above steps to solve your concern about how to book special assistance with Ethiopian Airlines. The airline’s dedicated team is available to address specific needs and concerns, ensuring that every passenger feels valued and well-cared for throughout their journey. 

Steps to Add Wheelchair Assistance in Ethiopian Airlines

Wheelchair assistance is available to make it easier for travelers to move around. Here, we will solve your doubts on how to add wheelchair assistance in Ethiopian Airlines. The airline offers wheelchair assistance to passengers traveling with illness, pregnancy, senior citizens, handicapped, or any physical disabilities.

For passengers with mobility challenges, the airline offers wheelchair assistance during the journey. From check-in through boarding and disembarkation, the professional airline staff will provide a comfortable and hassle-free journey. 

Online: Passengers can add a wheelchair to their new and existing bookings through the official website and mobile app.

Offline: Ethiopian Airlines’ offline channels consist of customer service numbers, email, ticketing offices, and sales counters.

Notes: The airline may charge you service fees in addition to the Ethiopian Airlines special assistance fees. In Addition to wheelchair support, the airline provides customized seats for travelers with physical impairments. The passenger will benefit from additional legroom, adjustable armrests, or seats near the toilets, all of which contribute to a more comfortable and convenient flying experience.


Ethiopian Airlines is committed to expanding passenger accessibility and continuous improvement. It is recommended to add Ethiopian Airlines Special Assistance service as soon as possible, ideally at the time of booking or at least 48 to 72 hours before the scheduled journey, to give the airline ample time to make the necessary arrangements.

The airline makes improvements to its special assistance program to guarantee that passengers have a good time. Passengers arriving at the destination airport may rely on airline personnel to assist them with customs, immigration processes, luggage recovery, and connecting flights. 

Document Requirements

One of the advantages to choose Ethiopian Airlines is that they guarantee adherence to laws like the Air Carrier Access Act in the US and other applicable requirements throughout the world, assuring the best service from a skilled crew. To request special assistance from Ethiopian Airlines, passengers must provide certain documents depending on their specific needs. Continue with the following to learn about documents that are required to gain the special service assistance service. 

  • The Ethiopian Airlines special assistance provision explains passengers need to share their passport ID, Visa, and other relevant documents to gain any type of assistance service.
  • Passengers with health issues that may necessitate special assistance should bring appropriate medical paperwork, such as notes from the doctor that describe your illness, prescribed drugs, or medical equipment you may require during the journey.
  • Passengers traveling with infants or children can request Ethiopian Airlines special assistance service to ensure a comfortable journey with birth certificates or relevant identification documents.
  • Ethiopian Airlines ensures that service animals are handled with care and promotes the rights of individuals with disabilities. For assistance animals, passengers are required to produce documentation, such as identification cards, training records, or other appropriate documents. 

Ethiopian Airlines special assistance Fees

Ethiopian Airlines special assistance services demonstrate the airline’s persistent dedication to providing passengers with best-in-class service. The airline makes every effort to guarantee that every traveler begins their journey in comfort and confidence. To do this, the airline has a devoted crew, considerable facilities, and professional assistance. However, everything has a cost, and in order to reach new heights of pleasure, travelers may be asked to pay Ethiopian Airlines special assistance fees depending on the type of service requested.

  • The airline will offer wheelchair assistance service without charging any additional fees.
  • Passengers may need to pay up to USD 600 or a section of airfare value as Ethiopian Airlines special assistance fees to get medical aid.
  • The airline does not charge any fees to passengers traveling with illness, pregnancy, senior citizens, handicapped, or any physical disabilities to get personal assistance.
  • Ethiopian Airlines does charge special assistance fees for mobility aid and portable oxygen support. 

The airline provides special assistance services for a wide range of disabilities and special needs, including mobility limitations, visual impairments, hearing impairments, cognitive disabilities, and medical conditions.

Wind Up

Ethiopian Airlines understands the diverse needs of its passengers and is committed to providing exceptional service to individuals requiring special assistance. By having the right documents ready, you can help the airline understand your needs and ensure a seamless travel experience. Whether it’s medical documents, disability-related paperwork, or documentation for traveling with infants or animals, the airline strives to accommodate your requirements and make your journey comfortable and enjoyable.

Remember to confirm your special assistance arrangements and review the details to ensure a seamless experience. Trained professionals provide guidance and support, ensuring individuals with visual impairments can navigate airports and aircraft safely.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request the Ethiopian Airlines special assistance service if I have a temporary medical condition?

Yes. Ethiopian Airlines provides special assistance for passengers with temporary medical conditions. Passengers need to submit medical documents and other relevant documents.

Are there any additional requirements for traveling with an emotional support pet?

Ethiopian Airlines will ask passengers to submit tags, vaccination certificates, and other relevant documents to travel with emotional support pets.

Do I need to provide documents to travel with an infant?

Yes. Passengers need to carry birth certificates or relevant identification documents can help verify the child’s age and facilitate a smooth journey.

Can I request assistance at the airport without prior notification?

No. Ethiopian Airlines offers service assistance service only if the passenger requests the service in advance. The airline may accept a last-minute request but it simply depends on the availability of the requested service.

What if I forget to bring the required documents?

Passengers need to carry all the relevant documents as per the airline’s requirements. Forgetting to bring them may lead to delays or complications.

How can I request special assistance when booking a flight with Ethiopian Airlines?

Passengers can request special assistance at the time of booking by contacting the Ethiopian Airlines Special Services team.

Is Ethiopian Airlines wheelchair assistance service available throughout the journey?

Yes, Ethiopian Airlines offers wheelchair assistance from the moment you arrive at the airport until you reach your final destination.

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