How to Book Special Assistance with Air Arabia?

Air Arabia Special Assistance

Air travel always presents unique challenges for passengers who require special assistance. Embarking on a journey can be an exhilarating experience, thanks to Air Arabia Special Assistance provision. Air travel should be accessible and inclusive for everyone, regardless of their physical abilities. If you’re planning to fly with Air Arabia and require special assistance, you’re in the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the process which will solve your concern on How to Book Special Assistance with Air Arabia, benefits, services, and other elements that ensure a seamless travel experience. 


Air Arabia stresses offering a fantastic experience to all of its travelers. Whether you’re healing from an accident, have limited mobility, or have a particular impairment, the airline is devoted to making the trip pleasurable and trouble-free. We’ll provide you with all the information you need to know to make your journey with Air Arabia a breeze, starting with an overview of the services available. Consider rolling with the Air Arabia Special Assistance services and make your journey more comfortable.

Wheelchair Assistance

  •  Air Arabia Wheelchair Assistance is specially designed for passengers with mobility challenges.
  • The airline provides wheelchair assistance from check-in to boarding and disembarkation.
  • Passengers can select between manual and electric wheelchairs based on their needs, budgets, and preferences.
  • Priority boarding is provided for wheelchair passengers to shorten wait times and ensure a stress-free boarding experience.

Notes: Wheelchairs must be properly packed and labeled to reduce the possibility of damage during air travel. It also helps to soften the changeover.

Medical Assistance

  • Passengers will get medical assistance through the Air Arabia Special Assistance program.
  • The airline supports passengers in receiving the finest service possible at all times. 
  • Air Arabia provides medical assistance to travelers with physical disabilities, hearing impairments, and blindness.
  • Passengers who require medical help while traveling can make use of medical support services such as support for those with chronic diseases, oxygen treatment, and more.

Visual Impairment Assistance

  • Air Arabia strives to provide the finest service possible to blind travelers. This aid allows them to feel at ease and secure.
  • To communicate crucial notifications, the airline experienced crew member employs flashlights and signboards. 
  • Air Arabia crew members will assist visually impaired passengers in getting their seats, and medications, and assists them throughout the trip. 
  • Experienced members will ensure appropriate communication and will assist them in reaching their destination in comfort. They aid patients in reaching the restrooms, providing refreshments, and assisting them with other needs.

Hearing Impairment Assistance

  • Hearing Impairment passengers can book Air Arabia Special Assistance for making their respective flight journey safe and comfortable.
  • Air Arabia provides certified members, sign language interpreters, and other help to passengers with hearing problems.
  • The airline will not charge any additional charges, however, the passenger will notify the airline in advance by submitting the Air Arabia Special Assistance form. 
  • In order to get services during air travel, such as medications and other necessities, passengers with hearing impairments can speak with crew members through sign language or billboards.

Service Animals Assistance

  • The airline understands many passengers do need service animal assistance for multiple reasons such as mobility.
  • Passengers who are transporting certified service animals should seek support and guidance to make sure they are at ease.
  • The reputable airline is committed to providing exceptional customer service and accommodating passengers with specific requirements.
  • To carry a service animal with them, the passenger needs to submit the request form well in advance as it allows the airline to make all necessary arrangements.

Air Arabia ensures that every patron’s journey begins in luxury and assurance by providing everything from wheelchair assistance to medical care. Passengers may select the services that best suit their unique needs by being aware of the many forms of special help that are offered.


No matter your physical restrictions, adhere to the instructions given by the Air Arabia special assistance team to guarantee a trouble-free journey. The special assistance program is beneficial to pregnant women, older citizens, those who have hearing or vision problems, as well as those who have any other kind of physical disability. Use the aforementioned alternatives since they will enable you to choose the purpose of the services that will meet your requirements. 

Seamless and Comfortable Journey

Air Arabia ensures a comfortable and pleasurable journey for all passengers, including those who have requested special assistance. The airline offered specialists to help patrons with impairments, allowing them to give comfort and enable travelers to reach their destination safely and comfortably.

Pre-Boarding Assistance

Make your way to professional Air Arabia Special Assistance that helps travelers with physical and mental limitations feel less worried. When you arrive at the airport of departure, professionals will help you board the aircraft. Their assistance with the check-in procedure will guarantee your priority route from the airport entrance to the departure gate. You could be given a wheelchair or be assisted through security checks depending on your needs.

In-Flight Assistance

When it’s time to board the plane, the airline’s skilled support team will be there to help passengers with disabilities. They will assist you in finding your assigned seat and ensuring your comfort throughout the flight journey. The cabin crew will be aware of your requirements during the journey and will give any support that is required. If you require assistance with anything, such as meals or using the restrooms, or if you have any special needs, please contact the cabin crew through official channels. 

Baggage Support

Unlike many other airlines, Air Arabia offers baggage support to passengers with physical limitations. After landing at the destination airport, the special assistance team will assist passengers in collecting baggage and guide them through customs and immigration procedures to minimize the workload. They will ensure a smooth transition from the aircraft to the airport exit, providing any necessary support along the way, it will let them forget limitations and experience comfort. 

Notes to Remember

  • You should get in touch with customer support if you have any questions or concerns regarding the Air Arabia special assistance. They are available to provide guidance and respond to any questions you may have. 
  • It is crucial to express your needs and provide accurate information when setting up personalized help. This ensures that Air Arabia will be able to make the necessary arrangements to meet your needs. 
  • To guarantee a pleasant flight, passengers should arrive at the departure airport early. It enables the airline to prioritize various operations and provide patrons with enough time to complete check-in procedures.

Official Methods to Request Air Arabia Special Assistance Service

As previously indicated, you should feel less pressure while opting for a special assistance program. It’s time to respond to your question regarding How to Book Special Assistance with Air Arabia. When it comes to asking for special assistance, like wheelchair assistance. Passengers can choose between online and offline ways. Air Arabia strives to make traveling with special needs as easy as possible. 

Online Method

  1. Passengers need to visit the official website, of Air Arabia.
  2. Complete the login process using user credentials.
  3. Look for the appropriate section and tick the checkbox.
  4. Fill in the required information. 
  5. Attach required certificates.
  6. Choose service types.
  7. Review the Air Arabia Special Assistance Service form. 
  8. Pay applicable charges from available modes.

Air Arabia makes all necessary preparations to ensure a comfortable journey. If you have already booked your airline tickets but realized that you forgot to request special assistance during the online booking process, or if you need to change an existing reservation, you can phone the customer service number. They will take you through the Air Arab ia Special Assistance Service application process and complete the process on your behalf.

Offline Method

  1. Passengers who prefer an in-person approach must visit authorized sales offices. 
  2. Fill out the Air Arabia Special Assistance Service form with all applicable fields.
  3. At the sales office, the passenger must inform the agent about their requirements such as wheelchair support, medical support, or any other special assistance. 
  4. Submit all required certificates along with other required documentation.
  5. Before submitting the form, review the Air Arabia Special Assistance Service request form.
  6. Pay Air Arabia Special Assistance Service fees through available modes. 

Step-By-Step Guide to Inquire Service Availability 

  • Gather all necessary information, including your travel dates, airline information, and any special assistance needs, before starting the booking procedure. 
  • Visit the official website to start the booking process or call their dedicated hotline to speak with a customer service representative. 
  • Share complete and accurate details about your needs, such as the kind of help needed, the degree of your mobility impairment, any health issues, or any other pertinent information.
  • The representative will validate your request for special help and make the required arrangements for your trip once you have given them all the essential information.
  • You can make sure that your experience is customized to your needs by taking these steps and being specific about your choices.

Ways to add a Wheelchair

Wheelchairs aid passengers in receiving better mobility assistance and assisting them with other in-flight activities. Now, we will go into your options and provide you with a solution on how to add Wheelchair Assistance with Air Arabia.

  • You can add wheelchairs through the official website, customer service number, ticket sales, and many authorized channels. 
  • The airline may charge you a service fee in addition to other applicable charges. 

Air Arabia Special Assistance Service Time Frame

The airline allows passengers to book special assistance at the time of reservation. Passengers can also request special assistance up to 48 hours before their scheduled departure. It is handy for travelers who do not buy Air Arabia Special Assistance service at the time of booking.


The traveler must present legalized or permitted documentation such as a passport and visa. Once medical certifications are received, Air Arabia will provide special support services. Passengers may be required to produce any doctor-approved documents that show the passenger’s health status. Keep track of your flight’s status by checking for updates or delays.


Air Arabia provides a variety of specialized support services to make sure every traveler has a comfortable and convenient experience. These services are made to accommodate a variety of needs and make travel easier for people with physical restrictions or medical conditions. Passengers will need to pay charges based on the types of services they hold.

  1. Passengers do not need to pay any additional charges to request wheelchair service.
  2. Medical support will be provided for a fee. The charges will be calculated based on multiple criteria.
  3. Air Arabia will not charge any additional fees for special assistance services to pregnant women and senior citizens. 
  4. Vision and hearing impairment passengers may not require paying additional charges for requesting assistance during the flight journey.
  5. Passengers may be required to pay fees for luggage assistance or oxygen assistance.


  • If you rely on mobility devices or hearing aids, ensure sure they’re in good working order and easily accessible during air travel.
  • Passengers are permitted to carry their personal wheelchairs with them, however, they need to notify about it at least two to three days before scheduled departure.  


Air travel is an exciting experience that allows us to see new places and reunite with family and friends. Individuals with special needs, on the other hand, may encounter complications if they do not book a ticket via Air Arabia. To get special assistance, the passenger must have valid tickets and fill out the request form within the time limit indicated. To ensure that all of its passengers have a comfortable and simple travel experience, the airline is committed to providing broad special assistance services, including wheelchair assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does wheelchair assistance cost with Air Arabia?

The airline will charge a portion of airfare for special assistance. However, the airline may not charge additional charges for wheelchair assistance.

Is it possible for me to carry my own wheelchair onboard?

Yes. Air Arabia allows a passenger to carry their wheelchair onboard. However, the passenger must inform about their service ahead of time.

Is it possible to request specific meals or seating arrangements for blind passengers?

Yes. The airline may arrange seats and specific meals for vision impairment passengers if the request is made within the allotted time limit.

When documents should I need to present at the airport?

A medical certificate, passport, and visa along with other relevant documents.

What if my wheelchair gets damaged on the way?

The airline takes care of each belonging so you may need to take stress. In case, the wheelchair is damaged on the way, passengers will get assisted by experts with new segments.

Can I get help with a connecting flight?

The Air Arabia Special Assistance service helps passengers to gain comfort and safety till they reach their destination. Passengers with get help with a connecting flight, however, the passenger must notify about the crossover in advance.

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