How to book special assistance with Lufthansa?

How to book special assistance with Lufthansa

Air travel is becoming a need of contemporary life as a way to reach faraway locations and stay in touch with our loved ones. However, while it connects the heart, it remains a severe barrier for many individuals who travel with disabilities. Lufthansa is a famous airline that covers them with first-rate special assistance services and is sensitive to catering to the best in-flight services for disabled passengers. People with certain requirements or impairments may have difficulty finding airports and boarding flights, so they look for specialist assistance to make traveling easier. This blog will provide instructions on how to book special assistance with Lufthansa, with an emphasis on wheelchair assistance.


Traveling can be challenging for people with certain physical assistance requirements or limitations. The airline is aware of these issues and attempts to remove any barriers that could prevent your trip plans from the fuzzed mind. Lufthansa Special Assistance refers to the specific services provided to passengers who require additional assistance due to a disability, injury, illness, or any other condition that may impair their mobility or travel experience. The airline is pledged to provide a faultless travel experience to passengers who need special assistance, including pre-boarding assistance, in-flight support, and arrival services. 


Lufthansa offers a comprehensive range of special assistance services to cater to the diverse needs of individuals requiring extra support with its commitment to inclusivity. Whether you have a mobility impairment, visual or hearing impairment, or any other specific requirements, Lufthansa is dedicated to providing you with the necessary assistance to make your journey seamless and enjoyable. Let’s explore the dynamics of the services offered under the Lufthansa Special Assistance provision which aims to ensure passengers enjoy air travel without any limitations.

Wheelchair Assistance

Passengers who require wheelchair assistance for functional mobility can easily trust Lufthansa Special Assistance services. The airlines offer wheelchair assistance for passengers who have difficulty walking long distances or navigating airports, however, they need to present supportive documents. Skilled members are available to assist passengers with boarding, disembarking, and navigating the airport terminals which ensure their journey is comfortable and hassle-free.

Mobility Assistance

The Lufthansa Special Assistance consists of a wide range of special assistance services to meet various impairments and special aids. A prime instance is mobility assistance, which assists travelers in using airport ramps, elevators, or public transportation to guarantee a smooth and comfortable journey. During the flight, passengers will get the necessary assistance, such as meals or accompanying them to the restroom.

Visual and Hearing Assistance 

The airlines provide specialized services for travelers with visual or hearing impairments in addition to pre-boarding assistance, video safety briefings, and communication depending on passenger difficulties. Lufthansa Special Assistance offers visually impaired and hearing-impaired passengers in-flight announcements in sign language in addition to Braille menus and tactile or mechanical signals from a knowledgeable and experienced crew member.

Cognitive Impairment Assistance

Lufthansa takes every effort to ensure that travelers with cognitive disabilities have a safe and enjoyable journey. Crew members are trained to provide individualized instruction, so passengers can feel encouraged and cared for during their journey. Passengers with cognitive disabilities seek help by obtaining relevant documents about their requirements while submitting the Lufthansa Special Assistance request form which ensures suitable accommodations are made.

Medical Assistance

Passengers may rely on the medical assistance of Lufthansa if they need medical support while on the flight. From prescription fulfillment to medical equipment delivery, the airline ensures that all of its passengers get the proper medical assistance that makes air travel secure and pleasant. Any passengers with unique medical needs must get in touch with the airline for assistance to get medical attention.

Book Lufthansa Assistance Service and receive medical assistance from experienced medical professionals on board their flights if necessary. The airline may charge for medical aids such as portable oxygen and other medical equipment.

Service Animals Assistance

Service animals are permitted on Lufthansa-operated aircraft, however, owners of service animals might need to request the airline to carry their canine friends with them. Depending on the health of the dogs, the airline may charge passengers Lufthansa Special Assistance Fees. To provide stress-free travel, the airline will take exceptional care of your canine traveling companions, including everything from pet carriers to the necessary paperwork (if the request is made within the allotted time frame).

Mothers, Infants, and Senior Citizens Assistance

Lufthansa gives pregnant women and families priority, the airline goes above and above to ensure that these passengers’ journeys are as comfortable by providing bassinets, extra legroom, and priority boarding in addition to other amenities. The airline not only assists but also organizes luggage and athletic equipment.

Lufthansa carefully handles and delivers personal effects, prescription drugs, skis, golf equipment, and bicycles to their destinations. With them, you may take advantage of all the dynamics of serenity and have a smooth flight experience.

Passengers Eligibility 

Lufthansa is committed to making air travel accessible to all passengers. They have implemented various measures to ensure that their aircraft, airports, and services comply with international accessibility standards. The Lufthansa Special Assistance service is available to pregnant women, unaccompanied minors, senior citizens, handicapped passengers, medical concerns, visually weak passengers, hard of hearing, or any other type of disabilities.

The aforementioned travelers will benefit from tailored special assistance, priority boarding, simplified airport navigation, and support to gain peace of mind. Lufthansa offers a dedicated service for unaccompanied minors to ensure their safety and well-being throughout the journey. 

Ways to Request Lufthansa Special Assistance

Passengers need to notify Lufthansa in advance if they need special assistance then they need to implement the appropriate action discussed here. Make sure to provide Lufthansa with detailed information about the kind of assistance you are requesting. Before booking Lufthansa Special Assistance, it is essential to assess your specific needs as it will help you to choose your required service. Once you have a clear understanding of your needs, it’s time to get in touch with Lufthansa through online or offline portals.

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The airline allows booking Lufthansa Special Assistance services through online portals. Passengers can book mobility constraints, medical conditions, or other aids depending on their physical needs. Once you choose the service, execute the steps mentioned below and enjoy comfortable air travel out from the dark bushes of anxiousness. 

  • Visit the Lufthansa official website.
  • Complete the login procedure with user credentials.
  • Navigate to the booking section and enter flight details to get the desired flight.
  • Look for the option to request Lufthansa special assistance during the booking process.
  • Select the type of assistance required from the options such as wheelchair assistance.
  • Fill out the form and attach all relevant documents.
  • Complete the booking process by providing all the necessary information.
  • Review your input and submit your form.
  • Make the required payment in addition to the Lufthansa Special Assistance Fees.
  • Once the booking is confirmed, you will receive details on your registered IDs.


For passengers who require special assistance, the airline offers offline alternatives to add services to their reservations. Make sure you have easy access to any required items, such as prescription medications or mobility aids, throughout your trip. Follow the instructions below to ensure a trouble-free journey after connecting with the Lufthansa customer service number.

  • Choose the language and interact with the representative while sharing travel details.
  • The representative will submit the Lufthansa Special Assistance form on your behalf.
  • Select special assistance and share all required information, such as your flight itinerary and specific requirements.
  • The representative will guide you through the booking process and confirm your special assistance.
  • Lufthansa officials will complete the booking process while requesting you share relevant documents.
  • Review your input and pay the Lufthansa Special Assistance Fees from the available modes.
  • Booking information will be sent to your registered IDs. Keep it for future reference.

Online procedure to add Lufthansa wheelchair assistance 

Lufthansa ensures that everyone can access their flights and enjoy a comfortable journey from start to finish through special assistance services. Passengers will be given access to a wheelchair; however, they must notify the airline in advance and provide the required documentation such as medical certifications. After following the procedures, you will learn how to add wheelchair assistance in Lufthansa via the web approach.

  • Log in to your Lufthansa account to view your booking information.
  • Pick the flight to which you’d like to add wheelchair assistance.
  • To change or update scheduled bookings, look for the wheelchair option.
  • Save your modifications, and the system will automatically update your reservation.

By getting in touch with the customer service team, passengers can add a wheelchair offline. Services for special assistance are designed to specifically fulfill the needs of persons with disabilities or restricted mobility. Their experienced team will guide you through the process and make sure that all of your needs are satisfied. Note, make sure to mention if you require assistance with a wheelchair when making your reservation. Senior citizens, handicapped passengers, and pregnant women do qualify for wheelchair service for free.


Traveling will be a wonderful experience with Lufthansa even for passengers who require special assistance. The traveler must present particular documentation to obtain personal help and other special aid. Following are some examples of often-needed documents for pleasant and worry-free travel. 

  • A medical certificate is required for travelers who are unwell and require medicinal support throughout their journey. This certificate should include information on your disease, any necessary treatments or drugs, and any particular needs you may have such as oxygen or other equipment.
  • Passengers traveling with mobility assistance, such as a wheelchair or walker, must have an authorized prescription from a healthcare expert demonstrating the device’s requirement. 
  • Under the Lufthansa Special Assistance provision, passengers traveling with service animals need to provide health, vaccination, and training certifications.
  • Passengers who need to carry medical equipment onboard need to provide prescriptions or a letter from their healthcare provider with detailed information on necessity. 
  • The passengers should carry all standard travel documents such as a valid passport, visa, and any necessary identification cards. 

Passengers may be required to carry additional documents depending on the sort of assistance they seek and the requirements of their departure and destination countries. It is usually best to contact Lufthansa directly for precise information on the documentation needed to receive special assistance.


Booking special assistance with Lufthansa is a simple process that ensures travelers with special requirements have a comfortable flight. The airline is committed to inclusivity and its well-trained staff will make your air travel experience a positive one. 

  • Arrive at the airport early to enable time for security and check-in processes.
  • Be open and honest with Lufthansa’s representatives during the booking process and at the airport.
  • Gather all relevant and asked documents as it will facilitate the security screening process and ensure the passenger is gaining access to their necessary medications during the journey.
  • Book Lufthansa Special Assistance service at least two to three days before scheduled departure.

Lufthansa Special Assistance Fees

Lufthansa provides most of its special assistance services without charging an additional fee. However, the airline may charge additional fees for specific services such as portable oxygen and other medication aids. Take a tour around to learn about the fees for the Lufthansa special assistance services:

  • Lufthansa does charge an extra fee for standard special assistance services for service pets.
  • Passengers with mobility, visual or hearing impairments, and medical assistance will enjoy complimentary assistance services
  • Passengers traveling with newborns or children can obtain special needs assistance for a small cost or for free. 
  • The fees of Lufthansa special assistance services will increase if you have advanced or unique demands requiring additional capabilities. 
  • There may be fare differences or upgrade fees if you book a ticket class while requesting special assistance. Passengers may need to pay a portion of airfare as Lufthansa special assistance service fees. 

Services available at Airport 

Lufthansa offers accelerated check-in and boarding to cut wait times and ensure a stress-free flight for travelers who require special assistance. Passengers can use ramps, elevators, and restrooms at airports. Depending on their ticket class or frequent flyer status, passengers may have access to premium lounges, which provide a comfortable and relaxing setting before their flight. The airline may charge service fees added to other applicable charges, so passengers need to be mindful of the Lufthansa special assistance service fees before submitting the special assistance form.  

Wind Up
Lufthansa has years of experience in providing special assistance services and has developed a strong reputation for its commitment to passenger care. Crew members are trained to provide professional and caring assistance, ensuring that passengers feel supported and well taken care of throughout their journey.

Passengers will never experience a stone on the head with Lufthansa Special Assistance Service. Arrive at the airport promptly on the day of your flight to enable enough time for the essential processes that will allow you to have pleasure and comfort while eliminating any accessibility concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I request special assistance if I have a temporary mobility issue?

Yes. You can request special assistance even if you have a temporary or permanent mobility issue.

What are the ways to book Lufthansa Special Assistance Service?

Lufthansa Special Assistance Services can easily be booked through the website, customer service number, email, ticket sale office, and airport counters.

Are there any additional charges for special assistance services?

Yes. Lufthansa Special Assistance Services may incur additional charges with other applicable fees. However, the airline offers some special assistance services for free.

Can I request special assistance for a connecting flight?

Yes. Passengers on Lufthansa can request special assistance for connecting flights. However, they must notify the airline about the additional special assistance at least three days before departure.

What if I need medical assistance during the flight?

Passengers will be demanded to provide a medical certificate as well as supplementary medications during the journey.

Are there any limitations to Lufthansa Special Assistance Services for blind or visually impaired passengers?

No. Lufthansa Special Assistance Services for blind or visually impaired passengers comes with no limitations. The passenger will get the best-in-class service which minimizes concern and helps them to gain peace of mind.

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