How to book special assistance with Air Canada?

How to book special assistance with Air Canada

Air Canada is the best choice for passengers who require special assistance. The airline offers a range of services to ensure a smooth and comfortable journey for passengers with a disability. The Air Canada special assistance service is tailored to your needs, whether you need assistance with a wheelchair, a service animal, or medical treatment.

It is crucial to be aware of the many options for special assistance and to know how to book special assistance with Air Canada. Be with this blog and explore more dynamics in layman’s terms.

Importance of Air Canada Special Assistance Services

All passengers, including those with disabilities or medical conditions, should be able to travel comfortably. The airline understands the importance of providing special assistance to make everyone’s trip simple and stress-free. They seek to provide inclusive and accessible services to ensure that everyone has a nice travel experience through the Air Canada special assistance service. When making travel reservations, it is critical to assess the importance of special assistance and get acquainted with the many types of special assistance provided by the airline to admire beauty with an open soul.

  • Booking Air Canada’s special assistance service helps passengers to minimize hard mobility. 
  • Under the supervision of experienced agents, passengers who seek special assistance can explore the airport with ease.
  • The airline support team guides passengers with visual or hearing impairments, throughout the journey and assists them in forming better communication.
  • Passengers with medical issues might benefit from a variety of medical services, such as oxygen supply, stretcher support, and medicine administration aid, based on their needs and health state.

Types of Services

Passengers with limited mobility can use it to board, enjoy in-flight amenities, manage medications, and access other services. Before we get into the many types of special assistance that Air Canada offers, it’s important to understand who is qualified for these services. Pregnant women, old citizens, blind passengers, deaf passengers, and others with limited mobility can all utilize the Air Canada special assistance service.

Wheelchair Assistance

Passengers can use the Air Canada special assistance program to get a number of services, including wheelchair assistance. The airline provides wheelchairs to travelers who have difficulties walking long distances or navigating the airport. Wheelchair services are offered at both the departure and arrival airports. This service assists passengers in finding comfort and completing the changeover process smoothly.

Service Pets Assistance

Air Canada understands passengers’ emotions; they recognize that most people do not want to leave their homes. Passengers flying with recognized service animals, such as guide dogs or emotional support animals, are able to transport them in the cabin. Proper paperwork and authorization are required to ensure rule compliance. Service animals provide company for visitors on their journeys.

Medical Assistance

Under the Air Canada special assistance program, the airline provides medical aid to needy travelers. Passengers with specific medical issues must notify the airline ahead of time so that the airline may make the appropriate alterations depending on the passenger’s medical history. The crew member will give additional help and medical support during their flight to meet these demands and guarantee a comfortable travel experience.

Oxygen and Respiratory Equipment Assistance

Passengers who require oxygen or respiratory equipment during the flight can arrange for their usage in advance by paying Air Canada special assistance fees. The airline has guidelines and procedures to facilitate the transportation of such equipment. Air Canada promotes medical services like oxygen supply, stretchers, and medication assistance to the stated passengers 

  • Pregnant
  • Senior citizen
  • Handicap 
  • Vision impaired
  • Hearing impaired


Passengers with disabilities will be supervised by an experienced crew member who will provide additional services such as transportation, meal preparation, medication administration, and other necessary assistance. Passengers who need the Air Canada special assistance service to make their journey more comfortable must present the documentation specified beneath.

  • Passengers traveling with a POC or any other portable medical equipment must provide information on batteries, adapters, and other papers in order to speed up the process.
  • Travelers bringing a service animal are required to provide any relevant medical records, immunization records, or other documentation.
  • Identification is required from passengers who use wheelchairs, crutches, or other accessible equipment. 
  • Passengers with medical issues need to produce a letter from their doctor that is signed in order to receive medical clearance. 
  • Passengers who require Air Canada Special Assistance Service need to have a quicker security check and customs clearance process depending on their disabilities and circumstances.

Preparation and Timeline Under Air Canada Special Assistance Program

Before learning how to book special assistance with Air Canada, it is critical to first understand the prerequisites for receiving special assistance services. Keep your eye on the following to make Air Canada Special Assistance booking process painless and achievable: 


Submit Air Canada Special Assistance request form at least 72 to 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure. It helps airlines to make the required arrangements to smoothen flight journeys. 


  1. Mention all required information based on your health criteria while determining the type of special assistance you need.
  2. Plan your flight journey by assessing your or your co-passengers mobility. Take into account the sort of support you require as it minimizes your traveling concern.
  3. Passengers who require medical assistance need to submit documentation, such as medical certificates or prescriptions.

Keep in mind your individual needs and preferences for special support, such as a wheelchair or mobility equipment aids. You must speak with the airline throughout the booking process to get the Air Canada Special Assistance service. The representative will offer information on facilities, services, and any special arrangements that will assure your comfort and convenience.

Method to apply Air Canada Special Assistance Service

When you ask for special assistance, it’s like going for a stroll in the park with Air Canada. You can use both online and offline authorized channels, regardless of whether you have a reservation or are making one. Be specific as possible so that the airline can best fulfill your needs during submitting the Air Canada Special Assistance request form. This will help the airline better understand your demands and make the required arrangements. 


  • Be on their reservation page and complete the login procedure.
  • Look for the Special Assistance tab and fill out the form with the required information.
  • Be specific during submitting your response such as mobility assistance, medical equipment, or special accommodations you may require while traveling should be stated.
  • Review the input and submit the form by paying the applicable charges.
  • Priority boarding is frequently given to passengers who require special assistance. As a result, always submit the form with supporting documentation, such as a medical certificate or an equivalent letter stating your disability standards.
  • Air Canada strives to accommodate passengers with special assistance requirements with pleasant seating options.
    • Depending on your needs, you may be assigned a seat with more legroom or a seat closer to the restrooms. 
    • If you do not qualify for complimentary seat allocation, the airline may charge you extra expenses.
  • Once your booking is confirmed, you will get the details of the same on your registered IDs.

You can book special assistance with Air Canada by emailing them. Note, you need to mention your booking details including your name, booking name, disability type, service requirements, date of journey, and other relevant documents. Attach applicable documents and submit the form as soon as possible as the airline will not entertain your request if you are making the special assistance request within 48 hours of departure.


  • Get connected with the team through the customer service number, sales office, or airport desk if you prefer to book Air Canada special assistance through offline sources. 
  • Speak to an available customer service representative and provide booking details to them, including arrival, departure, travel dates, booking number, type of service, or any other specific requirements.
  • You must provide the necessary information as requested by the representative as it will help the agent to complete the booking process on your behalf.
  • In some instances, the airline may ask you to pay charges. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive the details of services via registered IDs.

How to add wheelchair assistance in Air Canada?

Passengers need to communicate with the airline to add wheelchair assistance. For this, you will not need to pay any additional charges. However, make wheelchair assistance through offline channels:

  1. Website
  2. E-mail
  3. Customer Service Number
  4. Ticketing Office
  5. Air Canada airport desk

If you have already booked your flight and didn’t request wheelchair assistance during the reservation process, you can contact the Air Canada Special Assistance department through the aforementioned platforms. The specialized agent will help you add the necessary services, such as a wheelchair, to your current airline reservation. You can also bring your own wheelchair provided you contact the airline ahead of time.

Benefits to passengers with a disability

One of the important carriers of Canada offers world-class assistance to passengers who seek special assistance services at the airport. With them, you do not need to make any effort, the special assistance process begins from the arrival phase. The representative will assist you in:

  • When you arrive at the airport, the representative will take care of your check-in process.
  • They will guide you through the necessary procedures and provide any additional information about your journey and services.
  • The representative will assist you in navigating through the airport and accompany you to the departure gate.
  • Complete the boarding process on your behalf and also assist you in enjoying multiple in-flight services.
  • You do not need to make any hard stone effort, be seated with comfort, and the representative will take you to laboratories and get your medicines as per your need.

To ensure convenience for passengers with disabilities, the airline will take care of your commodities. You do not need to carry a burden in your heart as at the arrival airport the representative will offer you applicable services while protecting your baggage. The special assistance personnel of Air Canada can offer aid and support if you have connecting flights.

Air Canada Special Assistance Charges

After understanding how to book special assistance with Air Canada, it’s your job to know the charges behind the special assistance services. Keep your mind with the inclined points to know how much you need to pay:

  1. Passengers requesting a wheelchair within the allotted time restrictions can enjoy the service for free.
  2. The airline may charge between USD 150 to USD 500 as Air Canada Special Assistance fees for medical equipment aids.
  3. Special assistance offered to pregnant women, minors, and senior citizens may be subjected to minimal fees depending on various criteria such as types of services.
  4. Air Canada will not levy any additional charges for mobility aids in case of emergency. 

Wind Up

Booking special assistance with Air Canada is a simple and quick process that ensures passengers arrive in the best possible condition. The airline’s commitment to providing special assistance ensures that passengers with disabilities or other requirements may fly without anxiety. Passengers with limited mobility can make use of Air Canada’s special assistance service to stretch their wings and explore the world in extravagant surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to arrive at the airport early?

You should arrive at the airport well in advance in order to allow sufficient time for check-in and any necessary preparations related to your Air Canada Special Assistance requirements.

Can I bring my own wheelchair or mobility device?

Yes. Air Canada allows passengers to bring their own wheelchairs or mobility device, however, they need to notify the airline in advance to ensure proper arrangements are made.

Do I need to pay fees to book Air Canada Special Assistance?

The airline may charge you fees for the services you request. Typically, the airline will offer special assistance services for free.

Can I request special assistance for my connecting flights?

Yes. You can request special assistance for your connecting flights with Air Canada at the time of booking or up to 72 to 48 hours before departure.

Are there any limitations on what medical supplies may be brought on a trip?

Specific medical equipment transportation regulations may also apply based on destinations and aircraft types.

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