How to Book Special Assistance with Air Astana?

Air Astana Special Assistance

Everyone should be able to travel in comfort and safety including those with specific requirements or disabilities. Special assistance can increase the comfort and convenience of air travel, especially for passengers with disabilities, medical conditions, or other special needs. Whether it’s wheelchair assistance, aid for visually impaired clients, or any other form of assistance, the airline strives to make flying as simple and enjoyable as possible for everyone. Be with us and learn about how to book special assistance with Air Astana, we will guide you through the process of scheduling special assistance with Air Astana, ensuring a smooth voyage from beginning to finish. 

Reasons to Book Air Astana Special Assistance

The well-known airline from Kazakhstan understands the importance of providing passengers with special support. Before we get into the technicalities of requesting specialized assistance, let’s find out a little more about the reasons to book Air Astana special’s assistance. The airline is committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction, all passengers may anticipate a pleasant and inclusive travel experience. 

  • Passengers who want specialized help during their flight must reserve special assistance with Air Astana. 
  • Air Astana Special Assistance assures a hassle-free journey and confirms that all preparations have been made to suit your particular requirements. 
  • Passengers may travel more comfortably and prevent last-minute concerns by communicating with the airline in advance. 
  • Traveling can be thrilling, and the Air Astana Specials Assistance program guarantees that passengers with disabilities or special assistance can travel safely.
  • Passengers traveling with special assistance can feel more confident, supported, and empowered during their journey.

Special Assistance including Air Astana wheelchair assistance may significantly improve the travel experience for passengers who need additional assistance by offering them comfort and peace of mind.

Air Astana Special Assistance Services

Passengers with disabilities or restricted mobility travel much more comfortably with the Air Astana special assistance service. Passengers may enjoy a pleasant airport experience and receive individualized support during their trip with other medical support. Air Astana offers a variety of personalized assistance that help passengers with disabilities to forget pain during air travel. Most of the important services are mentioned here:

Wheelchair Assistance

Passengers who have trouble walking or who require mobility assistance might benefit from wheelchair service. It allows them to move from one location to another and aids in the boarding and check-in processes.  Air Astana provides both manual and electric wheelchairs, allowing patrons to easily access airport terminals and other services. The Wheelchair Assistance service is offered to

  • Pregnant women
  • Sick person
  • Handicap passenger
  • Senior Citizen

Visually Impaired Assistance

Blind persons need sophisticated modifications in order to travel comfortably and recreationally. Air Astana employs trained personnel for the benefit of passengers who are visually impaired. This includes showing passengers around the terminal, assisting with the check-in process, and offering any assistance required while traveling. The experienced crew member will help passengers locate the restrooms, medications, and other onboard services.

Cognitive Disabilities Assistance

Passengers with cognitive difficulties are also accommodated by Air Astana. A competent crew member may give direction and help throughout security checks and the flight, guaranteeing a stress-free vacation. Passengers with limited mobility may request additional help to guarantee a comfortable journey. Passengers can ask crew members for assistance with boarding and disembarking, layovers, and connecting flights.

Hearing Impairment Assistance

Air Astana provides necessary support to passengers with hearing impairments, including communication and medical aids. The airline guarantees that passengers with hearing difficulties may communicate effectively. Crew members are trained to assist with any communication that may be required, guaranteeing a smooth encounter. The experienced team member will use signboards and flashlights to relay crucial notifications, allowing passengers to travel with peace of mind.

Service Dogs

Passengers traveling with certified service animals can receive assistance and guidance to ensure their comfort and security. Additionally, a member of the Air Astana crew helps passengers complete the security checks on their behalf. In order to lessen stress and give support throughout the flight, service dogs are allowed to travel with their owners. The ability of the airline to charge fees depends solely on the policies of Air Astana.

Medication Support

Air Astana understands and cherishes the health of its passengers, especially those with disabilities. The airline offers medication assistance to improve and maintain passenger health while flying. Passengers with disabilities will be cared for by an experienced crew member, ensuring a seamless flight journey. To reduce mobility difficulties, the airline will also assist passengers in locating the nicest and most comfortable seats, such as aisle or window seats.

However, in order to enjoy worry-free flight travel and assist the airline in making necessary preparations such as oxygen portable, passengers must notify the airline about their medications in advance.

Travel Requirements for Medical Devices, Service Animals, and Mobility Aids

The airline makes it simple to book Air Astana Special Assistance for passengers with special needs or impairments, ensuring a stress-free flight. If you will be utilizing a wheelchair or other assistance device, always notify Air Astana in advance.

The airline will provide instructions on how to transport and handle these items safely. Passengers with service animals must comply with the airline guidelines and check that their assistance animal is properly documented. Always mention your requirement and booking details at the time of submitting the Air Astana Special Assistance request form.

Documents required for Air Astana Special Assistance Service

Air Astana is committed to assisting travelers with disabilities, health problems, or special requirements. Certain documentation may be requested when requesting special assistance in ensuring a smooth travel experience. 

  • Passengers should have a valid passport with at least six-month validity or a government-approved identification document.
  • For Air Astana Special Assistance service travelers should obtain a medical clearance certificate from their doctor if they have a medical condition that calls for medical clearance for air travel. 
  • A traveler who requires a CPAP machine or a portable oxygen concentrator should have documentation outlining their medical condition from approved doctors.
  • The airline will ask for training or vaccination certification documents to verify that the service animal has received proper training.
  • A passenger may be required to present documents attesting to the equipment’s specs and safety requirements if they want to carry their own wheelchair or mobility devices. 

Timelines and Restrictions

Air Astana allows passengers to make special assistance requests 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure. The patient is to provide all applicable documents and may require to pay Air Astana special assistance charges added to other relevant charges. The airline will not entertain the request made outside the authorized channels. 

Importance of Air Astana Special Assistance Service

Passengers might obtain peace of mind once they understand the significance of services. Book your flight with Air Astana and throw caution to the wind. Before we will spare lights on How to Book Special Assistance with Air Astana, make sure you’re learning the importance of the services.

  • For passengers who require special assistance, the agent will make sure you get the right help and that any dietary requirements you’ve specified in advance are satisfied. The cabin crew would be pleased to help if you require any assistance throughout your flight with snacks or beverages. 
  • Accessible restrooms are available onboard Air Astana flights for passengers with disabilities. An attentive crew member will be assigned to you by the airline to assist you in making the process as simple as possible. You may rely on the cabin crew to help you use the restroom. 

You must give early notice to the airline of your special assistance requirements if you have connecting flights with any other airlines.  Once the Air Astana Special Assistance Service request is made, the professional crew members will handle everything from the check-in process till arrival. The exclusive aim behind the special service is to provide equal access to air travel for all passengers irrespective of physical appearance.

Methods to avail of Air Astana Special Assistance Service

Air Astana, a well-known airline offers special assistance services to the needy via online and offline portals. Passengers can request Air Astana Special Assistance Service through any authorized channels based on availability and requirements. 

  1. Online
    1. Passengers can use the official website of Air Astana to initiate the process.
    2. Complete the login procedure.
    3. Input booking details such as passenger name, age, gender, destination, and other required fields.
    4. Check the special assistance service box.
    5. Review the input and proceed to the next step.
    6. Passengers may be required to pay applicable charges.
    7. Once the booking is made you will receive confirmation mail on your registered IDs.
  1. Offline
    1. Air Astana offers special assistance booking through offline channels (ticket office or customer service number) for passengers who prefer the interaction process over others.
    2. Use booking credentials such as confirmation numbers, flight numbers, dates, and times to get your required trip.
    3. Ask the agent to fill up the Air Astana Special Assistance form on your behalf.
    4. Pay all applicable charges and the airline will send you confirmation on your IDs once your booking is confirmed.
      1. The airline may ask you to complete the Air Astana Special Assistance booking process at least two to three days prior to scheduled departure.

Notes to remember

  • Arriving early at the airport gives you plenty of time to complete the necessary activities and become acquainted with the layout. 
  • Arrive two to three hours before the stated departure time of the aircraft. Go to the check-in counter and inform the airline employees that you want special assistance. 
  • The agent will direct the check-in process and ensure that all of your needs are addressed. After you have checked in, an assigned crew member will be available to assist you during your time at the airport.

How to Add Wheelchair Assistance in Air Astana?

You can add a wheelchair by connecting with the airline through email, website, customer service, and ticketing desks. Here, we offered you concise steps on how to add wheelchair assistance in Air Astana at the airport.

  • Arrive two to three hours before the flight’s planned departure time. Inform the available agents that you require special assistance at the check-in desk. 
  • The agent will be in charge of checking you in and making sure all of your needs are satisfied. 
  • After you have checked in, staff from Air Astana will be on hand to assist you while you are at the airport.

Precautions for Air Astana Special Assistance Service

Passengers with impairments, illnesses, or special requirements can considerably enhance their flying experience by requesting additional support from Air Astana. The airline will guarantee a smooth journey by allowing passengers to get the best assistance, medical support, Air Astana wheelchair assistance, and other mobility devices. Continue with the following to prepare yourself for Air Astana Special Assistance Service:

  • Reach out to customer service to inform them about specific requirements. 
  • The representative will guide the passenger through the booking process and help to reserve a special assistance service.
  • When booking special assistance, be prepared to provide the necessary information, such as your name, contact details, and specific assistance required. 
  • Always submit the Air Astana wheelchair assistance request form in advance as it allows the airline to make all required arrangements. 
  • The representative will allow passengers to request an aisle seat or additional legroom and will try their best to satisfy your requests based on availability.

Air Astana Special Assistance Charges

The airline does not charge any additional fee for wheelchair and walker assistance. Air Astana offers multiple special assistance for free, however, the airline may ask you to pay for service dogs, mobility devices, portable oxygen, CPAP equipment, and many others. It solely depends on the airline’s guidelines and passenger physical and mental appearances. In some instances, the airline may ask you to pay up to USD 200 as Air Astana Special Assistance fees.


Booking special assistance with Air Astana ensures a comfortable and accessible travel experience for passengers with special requirements. The airline is committed to providing exceptional service and ensuring your needs are met throughout your travel with them. To enhance passenger comfort, the airline makes regular changes in the service and upgrades assistance plans. Passengers will never regret their decision to choose Air Astana as they are the ones who are making every effort to please passengers regardless of their physical disability and concerns. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I reserve special assistance for someone else flying with Air Astana?

Yes. Passengers will be able to schedule special assistance services for someone by presenting the necessary documentation.

Is there a surcharge for reserving wheelchair assistance with Air Astana?

No. Booking wheelchair assistance with Air Astana is free of charge. However, there may be extra expenses associated with some medical equipment or services.

Do I need to pay additional charges if I am requesting Special Assistance at the departure gate?

Passengers are not permitted to submit Air Astana special assistance requests at the departure gate. If you request assistance at the gate, you may not receive service even if you are prepared to pay.

Can I cancel or change my Air Astana special assistance booking?

Yes. You can cancel or change the Air Astana special assistance booking. However, you must inform the airline about the changes as soon as possible so that the required modifications may be made.

What happens if my flight is delayed or rescheduled?

Air Astana will try its best to meet your special assistance needs if the schedule of your flight changes.

Will my special assistance booking be valid if my connecting flights with another airline?

Air Astana will provide you assistance for your connecting flights if you are mentioning details to them at least 72 to 48 hours before departure.

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