How to apply for special assistance with Air Austral?

How to apply for special assistance with Air Austral

Traveling by air is a fun and convenient way to see the world and reach your destination. Airlines like Air Austral are aware of the demands of passengers with special needs or disabilities and offer comprehensive special assistance services to ensure a comfortable trip for such passengers.

To ensure your pleasure and safety, Air Austral offers several services if you want special assistance while flying. Whether you require assistance using a wheelchair, a device to help with visual or hearing impairment, or medical assistance, Air Austral is committed to meeting your needs. This article will lead you through the Air Austral special assistance request process with a focus on wheelchair support.

Types of Services

With Air Austral, organizing a trip for visitors with disabilities is never difficult. The airline is a major carrier that acknowledges the need to offer Special Assistance to passengers who require it. When an Air Austral special support request is submitted within the deadline indicated, the airline offers the best support to sick travelers, physically challenged passengers, pregnant ladies, handicapped passengers, and senior citizens.

We will discuss the components of booking special assistance with Air Austral and provide information on the services they offer to travelers who require special assistance.

Wheelchair Assistance

  • To experience thrill, adventure, elegance, and comfort, everyone wants to travel by air. Air Austral Special Assistance Requests are honored by the airline, which is committed to ensuring the comfort and safety of passengers with mobility issues.
  • The airline offers wheelchair assistance to passengers who are unwell, pregnant, elderly, visually or audibly challenged, or who have other limitations. 
  • An assigned crew member will assist you with boarding, disembarking, and navigating the airport terminals, ensuring your comfort and safety throughout your journey.

Visual or Hearing Impairments

  • Individual assistance from the airline is available for travelers with visual or hearing impairments. You may get alerts of future schedule changes through flashlights.
  • The crew member offers guests first-rate care when they are traveling, entails providing sign language interpreters upon request, accompanying visually challenged people, and making audio announcements. 
  • When you book Air Austral special assistance, you can relax knowing that the knowledgeable crew members will take care of your prescriptions and other needs during the trip, such as getting you to your lavatory.

Cognitive Disabilities

  • For Air Austral, helping travelers with cognitive difficulties is a top concern. Crew members of the airline undergo specialized training to enable them to assist passengers with autism, Down syndrome, or other disabilities, ensuring their comfort and welfare throughout the journey. 
  • Air Austral will address your request for special assistance, regardless of the kind of fare or the destination. The airline offers a range of services and accommodations for passengers with particular requirements, medical conditions, or physical restrictions. 

Medical Support

  • The airline offers medication facilities to a passenger who is submitting the Air Austral special assistance request form.
  • Passengers need to notify about CPAP, portable oxygen, or any other mobility devices. It helps airlines to assist passengers in a better way and allow them ample time to make all necessary adjustments.
  • Pregnant women can also opt for medical support under the Air Austral special assistance program. The airline provided special assistance for anyone who needed it, such as those who had a disability due to illness or couldn’t take care of themselves. For this, they must present the required supporting documentation. 

Documents Required for Air Austral Special Assistance

Passengers can now request in-flight assistance in addition to the Air Austral wheelchair assistance. Physical impaired passengers can require assistance from the cabin crew at various points during the trip.

While the passenger is in the air, a qualified crew member will provide you with additional services like medicines, food preparation, transportation, and other important aids. Passengers must show the necessary documents proving their special requirements to receive additional assistance to smooth their flight journey. 

  • Passengers with medical concerns should bring any appropriate medical papers, such as a doctor-authorized letter or a request for medical clearance. 
  • Documents like a medical certificate should include information regarding the passenger’s health, prescription medicines, and medical equipment.
  •  A letter from a healthcare professional, caregiver, or family member stating the necessity of aids for better care of passengers with disabilities.
  • Passengers who rely on mobility aids, such as wheelchairs or crutches, should provide documentation regarding their assistive devices. It will smoothly help airlines to identify your requirements.
  • Passengers need to submit the Air Austral special assistance request form for traveling with service animals, such as service or emotional dogs.
  • The passenger must provide relevant documentation, such as a service animal identity card and other vaccination certifications.

Air Austral welcomes service animals for assistance depending on breed types. After learning about the documents required for assistance services, you must be curious to find out how to book special assistance with Air Austral.

However, take into account the timing, motivations, and service accessibility before starting the Air Austral special assistance request process. 

Air Austral Special Assistance Service for Post-Flight Phase

  • Air Austral goes to considerable lengths to find accessible seats for passengers with impairments. 
  • The flight attendants will help you choose a seat based on your needs and preferences. 
  • Throughout the trip, the personnel will be present to help passengers as they move about the aircraft. 
  • Air Austral makes sure that a traveler with a disability may depart in style after arriving at their destination to meet their needs. 
  • You can retrieve your bags and securely depart the aircraft with the assistance of the flight attendants. 
  • Book Air Austral special assistance and get the best assistance even if you have connecting flights, a crew member can assist you in finding the boarding with ease.

Air Austral special assistance Benefits 

The airline offers multiple services under the Air Austral special assistance program. Passengers with disabilities get several benefits, from boarding till they reach their respective destination. The airline understands the importance of accessibility for passengers with disabilities while ensuring a seamless travel experience. Passengers with mobility challenges can request wheelchair assistance and are provided with priority boarding. 

  • Check-in
    • Air Austral special assistance check-in service will help them to minimize their workload. 
    • With the help of a dedicated team member, passengers with a disability do not need to be in long queues and waste their energy. 
  • Boarding
    • Under the Air Austral special assistance program the passenger does not need to bother much about the boarding process.
    • In fact, the team will process the check-in process on your behalf. The airline may charge service fees.
  • Assistance for furry 
    • For travelers who are traveling with their animal companions, Air Austral has certain guidelines and services in place. You can go through them at the Air Austral pet policy.
    • The airline allows dogs to travel in the cabin or the cargo hold, depending on their size and breed. 
  • Care of pregnant women, senior citizens, unaccompanied minors, or ill passengers
    • Air Austral recognizes the unique needs of pregnant women, senior citizens, or ill passengers and strives to make their travel experience as comfortable as possible. 
    • The airline offers personalized assistance to minors traveling alone, including priority boarding, snacks, and proper communication.
    • After the 36th week of pregnancy, the airline does demand medical documentation from expectant mothers as they require proper medical care during air travel.

The airline has already committed to the comfort of the passenger before they ever board the aircraft. Passengers have the opportunity to request special help throughout the booking process, ensuring that their unique needs are satisfied.

Care of pregnant women

Air Austral Special Assistant Fees

The Air Austral service is available to passengers who require specific assistance or who have limited mobility. Travelers can ensure a calm and trouble-free journey with these services. Everything comes for a price so does the Air Austral special assistance service, most special assistance services are offered without charge. Continue with the following to learn more about the Air Austral airlines special assistance fees:

  • The airline provides onboard assistance services at no additional cost.
  • Passengers do not need to pay the Air Austral special fees for wheelchair assistance.
  • Transporting mobility aids is free, however, providing oxygen assistance through a portable device will incur an additional price. 
  • The cost of Air Austral levies will range from USD 50 to USD 400, depending on the type of service requested.
  • Once the Air Austral’s special assistance request process is completed, passengers who travel with authorized assistance animals are required to pay fees, which vary depending on the destination and breed. 

To make your travel as comfortable as possible, prepare ahead of time and let Air Austral know if you want any special assistance. Please be as precise as you can when describing your needs, preferences, and any pertinent medical conditions for gaining better and exceptional services. 

Time Restrictions

Travelers with disabilities, medical concerns, or other needs may find that seeking additional assistance improves their experience greatly. Consider noting below to understand the timing of the Air Austral’s special assistance service: 

  • The Air Austral special service is available 48 hours prior to the scheduled departure. Passengers can submit the request form at the time of reservation. 
  • Passengers should bring prescription pharmaceuticals in their original container, fully labeled with the drug’s name and prescribed dose from authorized doctors. They can submit the prescription within 72 to 48 hours before departure.

Ways to book special assistance with Air Austral

The airline accepts bookings via both online and offline methods. Passengers can request special assistance from Air Austral in any authorized manner. Examine the platforms listed below:

Online Method

  • Choose your preferred web browser and access the Air Austral official website.
  • Complete the login procedure using user credentials.
  • Look for the Special Assistance section. 
  • Fill out the Air Austral Special Assistance form.
  • Select the special assistance service while exploring available options. 
  • Wheelchair assistance, visually impaired aids, and restricted movement supports are all options available under the Special Assistance of Air Austral.
  • Input needed information such as personal information, travel details, and specific support requests.
  • Before confirming your reservation, carefully examine the information and go on to the next step by pressing the Continue option.
  • After completing the online booking procedure, you should get a confirmation email to the email address you registered with.


  • Contact the customer service department by phone or through the ticketing office. 
  • Explain your requirement for the Air Austral special assistance to the customer support agent. 
  • Submit necessary information, such as your personal information, travel plans, and any specific requirements.
  • Once you’ve gathered all the essential information, proceed to confirm your reservation by following the steps provided by the customer care person. 
  • They will guide you through the procedure and offer you a confirmation number or reference number for future use on your registered IDs.


Air Austral is dedicated to making air travel easier and more enjoyable for those with impairments or limited mobility. Passengers may enjoy comfort and elegance by requesting special assistance ahead of time, particularly wheelchair and onboard assistance.

To ensure that your flying experience is really all-inclusive, Air Austral will help you throughout the whole travel process, from check-in to disembarkation. Stay with them; the airline will provide the greatest support and aid impaired passengers in reducing their flight assistance concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to book special assistance with Air Austral?

Air Austral accepts passengers’ requests through authorized channels such as the o, email, customer service number, ticketing office, and other official platforms. 

Can I bring my own wheelchair for the journey?

Yes, you can bring your own wheelchair for the journey. Air Austral will assist you in storing and retrieving your wheelchair during the flight.

Is there a charge with Air Austral for special assistance?

Air Austral offers multiple special assistance services for free. However, portable oxygen and other medication services may incur Air Austral special assistance charges.

How to add wheelchair assistance in Air Austral with offline channels?

Passengers can add wheelchair assistance in Air Austral with offline channels through the customer service number and ticket sales office.

Can I request special assistance after making the flight booking?

Yes. You can request special assistance after making the flight booking. However, you must request special assistance as soon as possible. 

What types of disabilities qualify for special assistance?

Air Austral provides special assistance to passengers with impairments, including individuals who have trouble moving around, concerns with their eyesight or hearing, or worse medical conditions. 

How early should I inform Air Austral about my special assistance needs?

It is suggested to make the necessary arrangements during the booking process or at least 48 hours before your intended departure as it will allow Air Austral to make the required arrangements. 

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