How to Book Special Assistance with Air Belgium?

How to Book Special Assistance with Air Belgium

Traveling with special requirements might be difficult, but with Air Belgium bookings, this never happens. All passengers would be able to access and enjoy air travel regardless of their physical liabilities. Individualized support and additional support will be provided to passengers who require special assistance services while traveling. We’ll help you through the process of arranging special assistance with Air Belgium to make your travel stress-free, pleasant, and personalized to your specific needs. Be with the blog to understand how to book special assistance with Air Belgium in layman’s terms.

Special Assistance with Air Belgium

Passengers with physical limitations, mobility challenges, medical concerns, or who require more support while traveling are eligible for Air Belgium Special Assistance services. It provides transportation, wheelchairs, counseling, and other changes based on the requirements of each individual. The airline promotes personalized service and seeks to provide a welcoming environment for all passengers. You may obtain specialist assistance at any point throughout your journey by arranging special assistance, making your trip with Air Belgium straightforward and stress-free. 

Assistance Services available with Air Belgium

Passengers who require special support while traveling can obtain it from Air Belgium via special assistance services.  Booking special assistance with Air Belgium guarantees that travelers with special needs or impairments have a smooth travel experience without negatively impacting passenger accounts. Passengers with a range of disabilities, such as those affecting their ability to move around freely, their vision, their hearing, or their cognitive abilities, are eligible for the airline’s special assistance. To discover more about it, continue reading the next section.

Wheelchair Assistance Service

Air Belgium is aware that certain passengers could find it difficult to move about. They provide wheelchair assistance both at the airport and while traveling to address this. Wheelchair requests can be submitted at the time of booking or in advance by phoning the Special Assistance team of Air Belgium. To provide a hassle-free travel experience, trained experts will be available to assist travelers with check-in, boarding, disembarkation, and baggage claim. The airline cares about passengers who request Air Belgium Special Assistance and is committed to making your trip comfortable and easy to get around on without charging big-ticket charges.


The first question that springs to mind after learning about the benefits of wheelchair help is how to add wheelchair aid in Air Belgium. The airline welcomes passenger requests both online and offline. You may reserve your wheelchair by mailing it to Air Belgium or calling customer care. Both approaches are simple and can be implemented up to 72 hours before the intended departure. There may be specific restrictions for traveling with certain types of wheelchairs. It is important to comply with Air Belgium Special Assistance guidelines to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Types of Wheelchairs

Passengers on Air Belgium can rent both motorized and manual wheelchairs. They may select the most appropriate wheelchair for their demands and finances. The cabin crew will assist passengers in exiting the plane while ensuring their comfort and safety. If a traveler needs assistance identifying checked or carry-on luggage, they must speak with the allocated crew member.


Passengers with limited mobility, pregnant women, senior citizens, and many others are eligible to book Air Belgium Special Assistance service.  For this, they do not need to pay additional charges. Escort service and priority boarding are offered to passengers who request wheelchair assistance service.

Benefits Offered 

Passengers who want wheelchair assistance can ask the cabin crew for assistance with stowing their carry-on baggage. Bags can be stored in overhead compartments or made easily accessible throughout the trip by the agent.

Other Services available under Air Belgium Special Assistance Program

Air Belgium understands the value of inclusion and accessibility for all passengers. The airline is committed to offering top-notch service that is customized to your unique assistance, whether you need help boarding, finding your way about the airport, or accessing in-flight services. Air Belgium offers multiple other facilities to assist passengers in a better way. Some of them are discussed here:

Visual Impairment Assistance

Passengers with visual impairments can Air Belgium Special Assistance in navigating the airport, boarding the aircraft, and receiving guidance during the flight. The airline will not charge any additional fees if the request is made within the specified time frame. Accessibility services for visually impaired passengers, as well as personalized support and dedicated assistance during the journey, allow them to enjoy the services for a longer amount of time. Air Belgium goes above and beyond to meet the various needs of its passengers and support them in effectively communicating, including assisting them in heading to laboratories and other in-flight services. 

Hearing Impairment Assistance 

Air Belgium offers assistance to passengers with hearing difficulties, the trained crew member provides all the necessary support to pleasure their flight journey. Sign language interpreters are available upon request allowing passengers with hearing impairments to communicate effectively and get desired during the flight journey. By providing exceptional services and prioritizing inclusivity, Air Belgium continues to set a high standard in the airline industry. In recent times, the airline has advanced to promote the best services to all traveling-impaired passengers eliminating their concerns through Air Belgium Special Assistance.

Medication Assistance

The airline does offer medical assistance to passengers, allowing those who require it to rest easy knowing they are getting the best care available. Please inform Air Belgium of any medical issues or limitations that could affect your travel experience when making a new request or at the time of initial booking. Requests for assistance with correct handling and storage may be necessary due to allergens, the requirement for oxygen support, or the use of CPAP equipment. You authorize the airline authority to make the necessary arrangements and offer the required medical assistance.

Cognitive Impairment Assistance

People with cognitive issues require more attention to retain their sense of security and comfort. Passengers with cognitive disabilities may require special help, clear directions, extra time during check-in and security, and aid during the whole trip. Air Belgium crew members are prepared to assist passengers with cognitive difficulties during the process of boarding and disembarking. It may be necessary for passengers with cognitive disability to provide a certificate or their medical history in advance as it provides the airline ample time to manufacture essential requirements. 

In-flight Assistance

The cabin staff assists passengers at all times during the flight, you can easily reach them if you require special assistance. To ease the pain of mobility, the airline offers greater legroom and aisle seats to passengers with physical concerns. To guarantee they have adequate food dietary as per their prescription, passengers should inform Air Belgium in advance. The Air Belgium in-flight entertainment system offers a variety of options to entertain and keep you busy. For this, the airline may charge a certain fee based on fare types and services they avail. 

Services Available at the Airport for Special Assistance Seekers

The Belgian airline serves various scenic sites in Europe, Africa, and the Caribbean. With an emphasis on providing exceptional customer service, the airline tries to meet the requirements of every passenger, particularly those who require special assistance with adequate care. To guarantee a smooth and enjoyable journey, the airline provides the following Air Belgium Special Assistance services:

  • Priority Boarding and Check-in
    • Passengers requiring special assistance services can check in at specialized counters for a more customized experience that includes priority boarding and avoiding the heat of lengthy waits.
  • Security Screening
    • Air Belgium ensures the comfort and privacy of impaired passengers during the security screening procedure. They may check in ahead of the rest of the passengers, courtesy of the dedicated crew member.
  • Communication and Access
    • Air Belgium promises that passengers with impairments may successfully communicate with the team to obtain better service during their required period. Passengers with special needs will get personal assistance when using the restrooms, elevators, and ramps.

How to book special assistance with Air Belgium?

Air Belgium is dedicated to making air travel inclusive and accessible for all passengers, including those with impairments. Travelers who require special support services might receive individualized assistance and care. With Air Belgium, booking special assistance is straightforward. The passengers based on their preferences and convenience can book Air Belgium Special Assistance over the phone or through online channels. Let’s explore the booking method in a more convenient way:

Air Belgium Special Assistance Online

Air Belgium features a straightforward online booking system that allows individuals to request special assistance without leaving their comfort. You will find designated sections during the online booking process where you may identify your need for special help. Indicate the sort of assistance you require, such as wheelchair assistance or vision impairment aid. To book Air Belgium Special Assistance online, follow the steps presented here:

  • Visit the Air Belgium website.
  • Navigate to the “Special Assistance” section.
  • Fill out the necessary information, including travel details, contact information, and other fields.
  • Select the type of special assistance such as wheelchair assistance or service animal accommodation.
  • Review the provided information.
  • Submit the Air Belgium Special Assistance request form. 
  • Pay applicable charges through accessible modes.
  • In the end, the passenger will receive a confirmation email with booking details on registered IDs.

Air Belgium Special Assistance Offline

If you are one of those who prefer a more personalized approach then you can book Air Belgium Special Assistance with the assistance of the customer service team. Contact them directly to discuss your special assistance needs, and they will guide you through the booking process. You will need to provide detailed information as it will help the representative to provide better service. The steps to get Air Belgium Special Assistance service through offline modes are discussed below:

  • Reach out to officials through the customer service number, sales office, or official desk present at the airport.
  • Explain your requirements while submitting all required information including departure and destination airports, travel dates, and type of service to submit the Air Belgium Special Assistance request form.
  • The agent will submit the form on your behalf and check whether the requested service is available or not.
  • If your request is acknowledged by the airline, you may need to pay applicable charges through available modes.
  • You will receive confirmation about the itinerary on your registered email address or mobile number.

Notes: Specify your need for a wheelchair, medical aid, or additional assistance during the booking process, or notify the agent at the time of the request. Offline procedures may result in service charges and other applicable costs.

Types of Documents 

Passengers may be asked to present specific documents when booking the Air Belgium special assistance service. Specific criteria will be followed based on the nature of your demands and the destination’s legislation before accepting your request to gain special assistance during the flight journey. Here are some mentioned documents that are required to enhance your chances of getting the service:

  • Medical Certificates
  • Passport IDs
  • Government-approved documentation that verifies the disability
  • Service animal certification
  • Vaccination certificate
  • Doctor’s prescription 
  • Consent letter 


Traveling should be enjoyable regardless of passenger impairment. Air Belgium works hard to provide great service to customers who require special assistance by charging a small fee. Some support services that assist passengers travel more comfortably and conveniently may attract Air Belgium Special Assistance Charges.

Types of ServicesAir Belgium Special Assistance Fees
Oxygen AidFees will apply based on airfare, destinations, and multiple other factors
Medication Free
Physical AssistanceMay Attract Fees

Time Restrictions

Air Belgium offers a 72 hours window to request special assistance. Passengers can book Air Belgium Special Assistance service till 72 hours before departure. The airline may not entertain your request if you are making the request outside the authorized time limit or flying with unauthorized air tickets. With Air Belgium, you may spend more time enjoying your vacation and less time thinking about everyday matters.

Wind Up
The information provided above explained a variety of services offered by the airline to comfort disabled passengers while allaying your concerns regarding how to book special assistance with Air Belgium. We recommend planning beforehand so that the airline can make the required changes as soon as practical. Since Air Belgium offers a flawless special assistance service that makes sure you receive the support you need at every step of your travel, starting from the moment you land at the airport until you reach your destination point.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I opt for the Air Belgium special assistance service after making my flight reservation?

Yes. Air Belgium does allow passengers to book special assistance after making their flight reservation. However, it needs to be made at least 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Are there any additional charges for wheelchair assistance?

No, Air Belgium does not charge any additional fees for wheelchair assistance services if requested within the allotted time limit.

Can I bring my own wheelchair or walker as a mobility aid?

Yes. Passengers on Air Belgium are allowed to carry their own mobility aids. Make Air Belgium aware of the sort of mobility aid you will be using.

What if my travel arrangements change after I have reserved special assistance?

You will need to inform Air Belgium as soon as possible if you are making changes in your travel schedule. The airline will work with you to reschedule your special assistance services as per your request.

Do I need to pay Air Belgium special assistance fees for oxygen support?

You may need to pay Air Belgium special’s assistance fees for oxygen support based on multiple factors.

How far in advance should I arrive at the airport to make arrangements for special assistance?

Air Belgium advised passengers to reach the airport at least four hours prior to the scheduled departure.

Is it possible to use the Air Belgium special’s assistance services on all flights?

Air Belgium attempts to provide special assistance services on most flights. However, it is best to verify with the airline ahead of time to confirm the availability of services.

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